Study Abroad From Bangladesh 2024

Study Abroad From Bangladesh

Study Abroad From Bangladesh 2024

Going abroad for higher studies will boost your career stupendously. But it’s a huge decision involving many aspects, from choosing the right country to the right course and tuition fees. Every year, a lot of Bangladeshi students go abroad for higher studies.

Students who want to study abroad from Bangladesh must stay updated with the process. You must know well about the country, your desired University, and the course you wish to apply for. In the future, we’ll see why you should study abroad from Bangladesh, which country you should apply to, and how to apply.

What Are The Benefits of Studying Abroad?

There is a lot of advantage to studying abroad from Bangladesh. In some cases, you can study abroad from Bangladesh after SSC, or even better; you can study abroad from Bangladesh after HSC.

Studying abroad will give you globally accepted international qualifications. Apart from that obvious benefit, it will broaden your thoughts and give you a better world perspective. You will finally live independently and learn to make your own decisions.

Let’s see what the advantages of studying abroad from Bangladesh are:

  • First, you will learn about new cultures and the perspectives of people from another country.
  • It will help you to connect with people and make friends all over the world.
  • You can learn new skills that are in high demand globally.
  • You will have an international degree to help boost your career and earn a good livelihood.
  • An international degree will help you create a competitive edge in the job market.
  • You can make your career anywhere with an international college or university degree.
  • Living alone will help you make important life decisions independently. So, you will truly become independent and learn to make the right choices.
How Do You Study Abroad From Bangladesh

How to Study Abroad From Bangladesh?

When it comes to destination, some countries are preferred by all. Bangladeshi students mostly go to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, European Countries, and some Asian countries.

But among all, the UK is the best country to study abroad for Bangladeshi students for higher studies. This is because UK higher education has a remarkable global acceptance, and with a qualification, you can place yourself in the leading companies.

Besides, you can study abroad without IELTS from Bangladesh to the UK. Many UK universities do not require any language proficiency score. You can opt for pre-sessional courses to be proficient in English and the new education system.

Let’s see how to go abroad to study from Bangladesh and a step-by-step process on how to apply for higher study abroad from Bangladesh:

Step 1: Choosing A Course and University

Firstly, you have to determine the subject you want to pursue higher study. Then you have to look for which universities offer that subject or course. When it comes to choosing a university, a lot of factors will come into consideration.

List down all the potential universities and their tuition fees. Now consider the living expenses around that University. This way, select the University that will offer you the maximum benefit. University ranking can also play a role here.

Step 2: Preparing For Language Proficiency Tests

After selecting your University, you must prepare for IELTS or other language proficiency tests. In addition, you will have to take a test that your University accepts.

You can apply to some UK universities without IELTS scores, but most top-rated universities require this.

Step 3: Applying For Admission to Your Selected University

Applying to a university is exciting, but it can be a daunting process. You will have to fill up everything perfectly. Everything has to be error-free and compelling in the Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation, Taste Scores, and CGPA.

Always submit robust applications, which will increase your chances of being accepted.

Step 4: Applying For A Visa

Applying for a visa is the most crucial step. It would be best if you had a student visa for higher studies. Each country has different rules and regulations, and you must maintain them while applying for a student visa.

You can apply yourself or get help from professionals. In both cases, ensure every little detail is correct and backed by evidence.

After accepting your admission and visa application, you must prepare to move out. You must arrange an air ticket, shop for essential items, and say goodbye to your close ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is best for Bangladeshi students?

Bangladeshi students go to many North American, European, and Asian countries and Australia. But the UK is the best country for Bangladeshi students for higher studies. That’s because the UK’s qualification is accepted globally, and the scholarship opportunity is very high.

How much will it cost to study from Bangladesh to the UK?

The cost of studying in the UK from Bangladesh depends on many factors, like the degree you are pursuing, where you are studying, etc. However, the average cost for an undergraduate and master’s degree is 10,000 to 35,000 GBP or 1,100,000 to 4,200,000 BDT. For a doctoral degree, the cost will be 15,000 to 24,000 GBP or 1,700,000 to 2,800,000 BDT.

Which country is best for studying and working from Bangladesh?

Students from Bangladesh generally go to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other Western countries to study and get a job. These are all excellent countries you can study and apply for PR. But among them, the UK, USA, and Canada are the best destinations for studies and jobs.

Why do Bangladeshi students go to study abroad?

Bangladeshi students go abroad for higher studies to earn better qualifications, develop new skill sets, and improve job prospects at home and overseas. Having an international degree from a well-known university helps achieve better opportunities.

Which is the cheapest Country to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students?

Germany is the cheapest developed country for higher education. Bangladeshi students can study for bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. programs at a meager cost. That’s because Germany does not charge any tuition fees. Other fees are minimal as well.

What is the process of studying abroad from Bangladesh?

Studying abroad from Bangladesh typically involves researching universities and programs, preparing and submitting an application, obtaining a student visa, and making arrangements for travel and housing.

What are the requirements to study abroad from Bangladesh?

The requirements to study abroad from Bangladesh vary depending on your country and University. Generally, you will need to provide proof of your academic qualifications, language proficiency, and financial resources.

How can I find universities to study abroad from Bangladesh?

You can use several resources to find universities for higher education abroad. Some popular ones include university websites, study abroad fairs, educational consultants, and online databases.

What are the most popular countries for studying abroad from Bangladesh?

Some of the most popular countries for studying abroad from Bangladesh include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

What are the costs involved in studying abroad from Bangladesh?

The costs of studying abroad from Bangladesh vary depending on the country and University you choose. Some of the expenses you may incur include tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs, and insurance.

How can I finance my studies abroad from Bangladesh?

There are several ways to finance your studies abroad from Bangladesh, including scholarships, student loans, and personal savings. You can also explore part-time work opportunities while studying to support your expenses.

How can I obtain a student visa to study abroad from Bangladesh?

The process of obtaining a student visa to study abroad from Bangladesh varies depending on the country you are traveling to. You typically need to provide proof of acceptance to a university, financial resources, and language proficiency, among other things.

What are the risks of studying abroad from Bangladesh?

There are several risks involved in the study in abroad from Bangladesh, including cultural differences, language barriers, financial difficulties, and safety concerns. However, careful planning and preparation can mitigate many of these risks.

Can I Study Abroad After 10th Class From Bangladesh?

Yes, you can study abroad after the 10th class from Bangladesh, focusing on high school exchange programs or pre-university courses in countries open to international students.

Wrapping Things Up

Going to higher study abroad from Bangladesh is a big step forward. You can study abroad from Bangladesh with a scholarship or be a self-funded student. In both cases, you will have to go through a rigorous process. Just hang on to it, and success will come for sure.

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