Scholarship For Bangladeshi Students In UK Universities

Scholarship For Bangladeshi Students In UK Universities

Scholarship For Bangladeshi Students In UK Universities

Searching for opportunities to turn your study abroad dreams into reality? More than 13,000 Bangladeshi students studied in UK universities as of March 2022. Discover a world of educational possibilities as we unravel the realm of Scholarship For Bangladeshi Students In UK Universities. From prestigious Commonwealth Scholarships to university-specific funding, we’ve got you covered. Unveil insider tips, application strategies, and the key to standing out. Embark on your academic journey with a tailored guide that opens doors to excellence.

What Are The Types of Scholarships Available In The UK?

UK scholarships for international students are primarily categorized into three different segments. Let’s talk about them in detail.

Government Scholarships

UK government scholarships are the most sought-after scholarships by Bangladeshi students. They are very prestigious and, in most cases, are full funding. The government of the UK directly awards these scholarships to Bangladeshi students. Commonwealth, Fellowship, Chevening, etc., are government scholarships.

The following table shows the details of government scholarships for Bangladeshi students:

Scholarship NameScholarship DetailsEligibility
Commonwealth Scholarship; FellowshipThis scholarship is awarded to PG and Ph.D. students by the International Development Department of the UK government. Students with outstanding academic records.
GREAT ScholarshipAwarded to PG students by 36 universities.Students of these universities are eligible.
Chevening ScholarshipAwarded to Chevening Eligible countries, including Bangladesh2 years of work experience Students will return to their home country after 2 years.

University Scholarships in UK for Bangladeshi Students

Every university in the UK offers some scholarships. These scholarships are awarded for undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs. Let’s see some of the famous university scholarships in the UK:

University NameScholarship NameAwarded ForEligibilityScholarship Amount
University of CambridgeGates Cambridge ScholarshipPG and Ph.D. studentsStudents of particular coursesGBP 17,500 for stipend and health insurance; GBP 2,000 for academic development; GBP 10,120 for family allowance
University of NottinghamDeveloping Solutions ScholarshipAwarded to 105 PG studentsStudents from Commonwealth countries50% to 100% waiver on tuition fee
Imperial CollegeImperial College London Ph.D. Scholarships10 fully-funded scholarshipsMerit-based100% waiver on tuition fees; additional 16,553 GBP
University of BristolThink Big ScholarshipAll UG and PG studentsStudents with no other scholarshipGBP 20,000
Simmons UniversityKotzen ScholarshipUG StudentsStudents with a minimum of 3.3. CGPA100% WAIVER ON tuition fee; accommodation cost

Non-Government Scholarships

Besides government and university scholarships, many independent bodies and non-government organizations also offer scholarships for Bangladeshi students.

Let’s see the details about non-government scholarships in the following table:

Scholarship NameAwarded toEligibilityScholarship Amount
Felix ScholarshipStudents of 3 Universities from selected countries, including BangladeshExcellent Academic records100% waiver on tuition fee; return airfare; 15,840 GBP grant
Castle Smart ScholarshipAny StudentsCreate a Video with some given necessary pointsGBP 6,000 waiver on tuition fee
Royal Society GrantsUG and PG studentsStudents of selected disciplinesDifferent Amount
Do Bangladeshi Students Have Full-Funding Scholarships

Do Bangladeshi Students Have Full Funding Scholarships in UK?

There are several full free scholarships for Bangladeshi students in UK. Students of UG, PG, and Ph.D. are eligible for these scholarships.

The following table shows some of the fully-funded scholarships in the UK for international students:

Scholarship NameScholarship DetailsEligibilityScholarship Amount
Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship5 annual scholarships for PG and MBA studentsMerit-based scholarshipTuition fee coverage; GBP 15,288 allowance
Gates Bridge ScholarshipOffered by the University of CambridgeOpen for all PG and Ph.D. studentsGBP 17,500 allowance+ healthcare insurance; GBP 10,120; GBP 2,000
Chevening ScholarshipUK government funds itPG students from Chevening-eligible countriesFull tuition fee waiver; grants & allowance; monthly allowance; return airfare
Imperial College London Ph.D. ScholarshipAwarded to 10 students annuallyMerit-based scholarshipFull tuition fee; GBP 16,553 allowance
Simmons University Kotzen ScholarshipsOffered to UG studentsMinimum 3.3 CGPATuition fee coverage; accommodation allowance
The University of Edinburgh Ph.D. ScholarshipsAnnual scholarship for Ph.D. studentsMerit-based scholarshipTuition fee coverage; GBP 14,500 allowance
Goldsmiths International Response ScholarshipsFunded by the Goldsmiths University of LondonStudents of the university with refuge statusFull tuition fee coverage; accommodation fee; GBP 8,825 allowance
University of East Anglia ScholarshipPG students of the universityAny students of the university100% waiver on tuition fee
University of East Anglia ScholarshipOffered to PG and Ph.D. studentsGood TOEFL scoreFull tuition fee coverage; accommodation and transportation coverage
University of Exeter Undergraduate ScholarshipOpen for all the international studentsMerit-based scholarshipFull tuition fee coverage; GBP 15,285 allowance

Undergraduate Scholarships For Bangladeshi Students In The UK

There are many undergraduate scholarships for international students in UK. Let’s see what they are:

Scholarship NameDetailsEligibilityScholarship Amount
Academic Excellence Scholarships.Open for a few nationals, including BangladeshStudents of the University of Lincoln are eligibleGBP 5,000 waiver on tuition fee
Transform Together ScholarshipsOffered by The Sheffield Hallam UniversityAll the students of this university50% waiver on tuition fee
Kingston University International ScholarshipAwarded to UG and PG studentsAll students of this university are eligibleWaiver on Tuition fee
International Ambassador ScholarshipOffered by the University of West LondonAll the international students of this university5,000 GBP
ARU Sports ScholarshipsSponsored by the Anglia Ruskin UniversityGood sports record holder from ARU1,400 to 12,500 GBP

Masters Scholarships For Bangladeshi Students in The UK

Masters students from Bangladesh have many scholarship opportunities in the UK. Let’s explore these:

Scholarship NameDetailsEligibilityAmount
Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation GrantAwarded by the name foundationStudents of Arts are eligible10,597 to 12,462 GBP
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Postgraduate Conversion ScholarshipAwarded by the University of SussexAI and Data Science students are eligible10,000 GBP
John Kinghorn Scholarship in EngineeringOffered by the University of SussexEngineering students at this university10,000 GBP
Birkbeck International Excellence ScholarshipsCovered by the University of LondonAll students of this university1,000 to 5,000 GBP
Stuart Hall ScholarshipOpen for PG students of Media & FilmExcellent score in UG5,000 GBP

MBA Scholarships For Bangladeshi Students in The UK

The following table shows some of the popular MBA UK scholarships for Bangladeshi students:

Scholarship NameAwarded ByEligibilityAmount
Sainsbury Management FellowshipsHosts by the Gatsby Charitable FoundationStudents from 14 business schools are eligible50,000 GBP
EMBA Director’s ScholarshipsFunded by the SAID Business SchoolExcellent Academic Result30,000 GBP
Inspiring Women Executive MBA ScholarshipsFemale students of the business school of Imperial CollegeFemale students with outstanding academic records25,000 GBP
Forte Fellows ProgramFunded by the name foundationMerit-based scholarship for female students19,716 GBP
Dean’s Scholarship for ExcellenceFunded by the Durham UniversityMerit-based scholarship16,500 GBP

Ph.D. Scholarships For Bangladeshi Students in The UK

Now, let’s check out some of the Ph.D. scholarships available for Bangladeshi students studying in the UK:

Scholarship NameDetailsEligibilityAmount
Clarendon ScholarshipOne of the most popular scholarships among Ph.D. studentsOxford University students will automatically get this scholarship100% waiver on tuition fee; 15,609 GBP allowance
Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars ProgramAwarded by the University of CambridgeStudents of this university will automatically get this scholarship18,000 GBP stipend; 6,000 GBP personal allowance; University compensation fee; visa application fee
University Prize ScholarshipsOffered by the University of SheffieldAll Ph.D. students of this university20,000 GBP
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipAwarded to the full-time students of the University of CambridgeMerit-Based scholarship17,500 GBP allowance; two-way air ticket; visa fee; immigration health surcharge
Chemical Engineering Ph.D. ScholarshipAwarded by the Imperial College for 10 studentsFirst Class in Master’s degree21,400 GBP
How to Apply For Scholarships in UK Universities?

How to Apply For Scholarships in UK Universities?

You have to follow some steps to apply for scholarships in UK universities. When a scholarship is invited, you will have to apply with the following documents:

  • Letter of acceptance from your university in the UK
  • Documented proof of your extracurricular activities, skillsets, leadership, etc.
  • Other documents required by your university.
  • Proof of income if you apply for need-based scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

You will have to be eligible to apply for scholarships in UK universities. Here are some common eligibility criteria for any scholarship:

  • You must be an adult.
  • Must be a student of a UK university
  • Excellent academic record
  • Necessary requirements asked by the university
  • Holding no other existing scholarship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a full scholarship to study in the UK?

UK universities, governments, and other entities offer many full-funding scholarships. You must keep an eye on UKCISA for available scholarships and apply when available. You must be a student of a UK University for that.

Which UK University offers full scholarships?

Many UK universities offer full scholarships or waivers on tuition fees and some allowance. Among them, the University of Oxford is at the top.

How much will it cost to study from Bangladesh to the UK?

Studying in the UK from Bangladesh costs around 11,00,000 to 42,00,000 per year for undergraduate and postgraduate students. For Ph.D., the cost will be around 17,00,000 to 28,00,000 BDT.

Who is eligible for a scholarship in the UK?

Eligibility for UK scholarships varies based on factors like academic merit, program of study, and nationality. International students, including Bangladeshi applicants, often need strong academic records, English proficiency and meet specific criteria set by universities or scholarship programs.

What percentage is needed for a scholarship in the UK?

It depends on the scholarship. But generally, students with excellent academic results get scholarships. You will need 60 to 80% scores to get a scholarship.

What GPA is required for scholarships UK?

Scholarships are available for students with good academic records. You must need a 3.5 GPA and above to be eligible for a scholarship.

Which scholarship is fully funded for Bangladeshi students in UK?

The Commonwealth Scholarships and Chevening Scholarships are among the fully funded options available for Bangladeshi students pursuing studies in the UK, covering tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs.

How many scholarships can I get in the UK?

You can get a full-funding scholarship with an outstanding academic track record. Besides, universities award scholarships of different amounts and benefits based on merit.

Final Thoughts

As you navigate the boundless realm of education, remember that Scholarship For Bangladeshi Students In UK Universities isn’t just about financial aid – it’s a gateway to transformative experiences and global connections. Seize the opportunity to excel, explore, and contribute to the academic tapestry of the United Kingdom. By harnessing these scholarships, you’re not just receiving support; you’re gaining a launchpad for your aspirations. Embrace this chance to enrich your knowledge, broaden your horizons, and shape a future that’s both remarkable and rewarding.

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