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Our Services for students

  • To help for making application
  • To advice for Tier 4 students responsibility in the UK
  • Guidance for credibility interview
  • To advice how to write personal statement
  • To help for choosing programme
  • To support Tier 4 (General) Visa application guidance

1. EU / Home Students

We’ll evaluate your needs, your interest and asses your strong areas and capabilities, to work out the courses that best suit you.

2. International Students

For International students, we provide different and exclusive services. Shifting from one place to another is not an easy task. We guide them from the first step until they reach here. We help them by issuing them the documents so that they can get the visa. We also help them to manage their grades and expenses. For many students, we offer different kinds of scholarships. We also help them in accommodation, learning experience, return back guide and mentoring. We also help international students by advising them on health and how to manage their money

3. Scholarship Assistance

For international or national students, we offer different scholarships, which are available for students who meet the requirements. To provide more benefits, we guide them in order to award them a scholarship and we try our level best to help them financially. We define all the criteria, terms and conditions so that the willing students can meet those requirements. Apart from that, we also help the needy students in getting the scholarships.

4. Visa Guidance & Support

To ensure the good experience for students, we help them from the first step until they reach here. We help all our International students in getting their student visa easily. We send the required documents and other relevant documents, which is required for the visa. We support each student until they reach here. We will guide you step by step on how to apply and to get the visa easily and stay with us.

5. Travel & Post Departure Services

We plan your travel to make your journey amazing. We will guide you about all travel requirements and after reaching here, we will provide all the services, which will bring you to your accommodation. Make sure you have someone here for your accommodation; if not, then apply for the university hostel, so that we can manage a suitable accommodation for you. We provide all the services initially and we are willing to guide you at any time, while you travel. We will inform you about the semester dates and classes schedule, so that you can be ready accordingly.

6. Career Counseling

Our graduates score 9 out of 10 in their career, because we just do not give the education. However, we guide them on how to use it and where to use it in the future. All our graduates are employed in their home countries and most of them occupy high positions. Our team of career counseling is more than willing to help you in planning your career. Once you are with us, we will do everything possible to guide you for future and help you get you dream career.

7. Fast Translation Service

Boost Education Service is offering over 200 languages translation service for our students all over the world. We are working with an accredited translation agency to provide fast delivering, accurate and professional translations. Please contact us on to get the quote.

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