UK Student Visa From Bangladesh 2024

UK Student Visa From Bangladesh

UK Student Visa From Bangladesh 2024

If you are a Bangladeshi student and want to know more about UK student visas, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you on how to get a UK student visa from Bangladesh 2024. Read on!

Every accomplished student wishes to seek education outside their country to broaden their horizon and open themselves up to new learning possibilities.

It is common in the developing world, where students aspire to travel abroad, acquire an education, and come back to work for the betterment of their country. As a student, there are many things to consider when considering the program you want to enroll in, the country, and the university you wish to study.

Students often wonder where they should acquire their education; whether they should apply for a UK student visa from Bangladesh, a US student visa from Bangladesh, or if they should apply for an Australian student visa from Bangladesh. We will address questions about where to study, how to apply to the country, what you should expect from the application process etc.

Best Country to Study as a Bangladeshi Student

As a Bangladeshi student seeking higher education, you must have considered applying to universities in the UK. Still, you have been perplexed about how you acquired a student visa from Bangladesh to UK. The UK is well-known for its academic strengths in research and otherwise. The opportunities and tools you will acquire from studying in Bangladesh are nowhere near what you will learn while studying in the UK.

From afar, there often tend to be many complicated steps you must accomplish to achieve a student visa for the UK, but this article is here to guide you. If you are wondering how to apply for a UK student visa from Bangladesh, keep reading because we will answer almost every question related to getting a student visa.

How to Get Admission to the UK as a Bangladeshi Student

Many students in Bangladesh wish to study in the UK, but they are skeptical about their capabilities. In reality, the things students then fret over are rarely significant to the university.

All you need to apply to the UK is adequate performance at your previous education institute or workplace, you will need some recommendation letters and a well-written personal statement, and you can apply to a subject of your choice.

When choosing your program, make sure you do your research on the program. It would be best to look for places that offer similar programs with better course structures. The choice in the programs you apply to is important because you will get jobs based on this program and its scope in professional life. 

Should I Contact an Education Consultancy for Admission to the UK?

If you are a Bangladeshi applying abroad for the first time, you may need help from an educational consultancy that helps students apply abroad. Several consultancies in Bangladesh help students apply abroad to UK-based universities for higher education. An example of such an education consultancy is Boost Education Service which helps many students from Bangladesh apply and move to the UK for their higher education. Boost Education Service is the best education consultancy in Bangladesh. We have branches all over the country. You can contact us or visit our Dhaka office for any education-related consultancy.

Our Dhaka Office Address: Level 14, Tropical Mollah Tower, Gulshan Badda Link Road, Dhaka 1212.

Student Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Students

What Are the UK Student Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Students

Are you looking for a UK student visa from Bangladesh? There are two different types of student visas. The first is a tier 4 visa and a short-term study visa. Tier 4 visas are most common among students looking to study in the UK for more than six months. 

For a tier 4 visa, the requirements are as follows:

  • The first primary requirement for every Bangladeshi student applying for a student visa for the UK is a valid passport
  • The second requirement is to prove how you will fund your expenses once you move to the UK for your studies.
  • The third necessary documentation is a certificate of acceptance for studies, a reference number, and documents used to receive the CAS.
  • The fourth thing you will need for your tier 4 visa is a passport-size picture.
  • The fifth requirement is an assessment document. 
  • Lastly, there may be some disease screenings that you will have to do that might be required, but they are not always necessary.

It is essential to ensure you thoroughly review the embassy’s requirements. If any documents are missing, your chances of acquiring your student visa will be jeopardized. Make sure you read all the requirements thoroughly to ensure you do not risk your chances of acquiring a UK visa from Bangladesh.

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Student Visa Fee for UK From Bangladesh 2024

Visa typeVisa fee (Approximately)
General student visa (Tier 4)It costs around BDT 70,294 if you want a student visa from Bangladesh.
Short-term study visaIt costs BDT 28,692 for more than 6 months but not more than 11 months
*Please always check the official website for the latest fee

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IELTS Test for Student Visa Application to the UK

Are you looking for UK student visa from Bangladesh without IELTS? A standardized English test such as IELTS is required as part of the requirement for a student visa to the UK. The IELTS is a standardized test given by students from non-native English-speaking countries to enter native English-speaking countries as students or even for work. Your tier 4 visa will most likely require a test like this one. A good IELTS score likely to get you a student visa is an overall 5.5 score.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Work on a Student Visa?

If you have used a UK student visa from Bangladesh to enter the UK, you may not be able to work full-time on that visa. Bangladesh students and all other international students can only be hired temporarily at workplaces in the UK. Students who work at renowned firms, where they are performing exceptionally well, sometimes get to be sponsored for a work visa.

Suppose you are considering joining the workforce in the UK after you graduate from your university program. In that case, you might want to discuss a work visa sponsorship with your employer. Besides this, the student cannot build a business in the UK for as long as they exist on a student visa in the UK.

What Documents Will I Need to Get for My Student Visa?

To apply for a student visa, you will need to give them a history of your finances. This includes bank statements etc. You will need an acceptance letter from your university, an assessment document, and your IELTS score. These are the foundational documents you will require to apply for a student visa in the UK.

How Much Does It Cost to Apply for a UK Visa?

The visa application process does cost some money, and that money does not ensure a visa by any means. A Bangladeshi student applying to the UK must pay approximately 37,000 – 38,000 Bangladeshi Taka for UK student visa fees from Bangladesh. This is the amount to be paid for by a student acquiring a long-term tier 4 visa. Short-term visas, like 6-11 months, are estimated to cost around 10,500 – 20,000 Bangladeshi Taka.

How Long Does the Visa Process Take?

The UK student visa processing time in Bangladesh is between 3-4 weeks till you hear about their decision on your visa. We encourage students to make sure they apply for their visas on time so they can get a timely response on whether or not they can go to study. In addition to this, we would also suggest that students take this time with ease; any third party cannot influence the decision made by the embassy, so there is very little that they [students] can do on their behalf besides just giving all the required documents

Are There Any Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students?

There are plenty of options to apply for a UK Scholarship for Bangladeshi students. Almost all universities in the UK offer financial aid to students who need it. Albeit, to be eligible for need-based financial aid from your university, you do have to have an excellent academic past. Besides universities offering scholarships, you can get financial assistance through popular scholarship schemes like the Chevening Scholarship. Many such scholarships students to pay students total tuition fees and give them monthly stipends to manage expenses in the UK and not stress about finances during their studies.

Is Housing Affordable in the UK?

Generally speaking, there is no comparison if we compare housing in the UK to that in Bangladesh. The UK is more expensive than Bangladesh. Within the UK, you can find differences in housing depending on the city and the area within the city to afford to house students, rent out rooms in an apartment, and split the rent.


Acquiring a UK student visa from Bangladesh may seem daunting, but with the proper assistance, you can get the opportunity to study in the UK. Being a student in the UK is a privilege as you will be working with some of the greatest minds known to the academic world, so do not let go of the opportunity to acquire a student visa and study in the UK.

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