Study in USA for Indian Students 2024

Study in USA for Indian Students

Study in USA for Indian Students 2024

Indian students alone make up one-fifth of all the international students in the USA. After completing 12th grade, the USA is the top destination for Indian students. It’s because the USA has the largest number of reputable universities worldwide. Plus, living in the US is a dream come true for many students.

Going to study in USA for Indian students is a giant leap. But this can give your career the right boost it needs, and you can graduate from a university that is recognized worldwide. In this article, I will talk about different aspects of higher studies in USA for Indian students.

Why Should I Study In The USA?

There are a handful of reasons why you should study in the USA. Apart from being a developed country, there are many other benefits of studying in USA for Indian students.

Let’s explore some of the reasons:

A Plethora Of Top Universities

The USA has the highest number of QS top universities. Throughout the USA, there are more than 5,000 universities. Some of these universities are top-ranked and respected worldwide.

Very Flexible Education System

USA universities offer a very flexible education system. You can decide your courses and class time. You won’t have to decide on your master’s subject in the first year. You can decide that later on in your second year.

Worldwide Accepted Degree

US degrees are respected and accepted by all other countries in the world. If you have a degree from a US university, you can start your career in any country. A US degree will be handy if you want to study further in other countries.

Better Career Opportunities

If you study in the US, you will have better career opportunities inside and outside the US. A degree from a US university will help you land a good job. Besides, the USA has many job opportunities that are unavailable in many parts of the world.

Vibrant Culture

The USA has the most vibrant culture in the world. You will find people from every corner of the world here. So, this country is culturally vibrant. Living in the USA will be an excellent experience for you.

Part-Time Job Opportunity

You can work 20 hours a week part-time while studying in the USA. During semester breaks, you can even work for 40 hours per week. So, you can earn some bucks and support your living expenses.

Support For International Students

The USA offers different kinds of support for international students. These supports are provided through scholarships, language workshops, orientation programs, etc.

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What Are The Top Universities In The USA

What Are The Top Universities In The USA?

US universities are recognized worldwide. That’s why hundreds of thousands of students come to this country each year for higher studies.

The below table shows the top universities in the USA:

University NameQS World University Ranking 2023Minimum IELTS RequirementOffered ProgramsTuition Fee
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)017.0UG, PG, Ph.D., and Diploma53,450 USD
Stanford University037.0UG, PG, Ph.D.56,170 USD
Harvard University057.5UG, PG, Ph.D., and Diploma54,000 USD
California Institute of Technology (CalTech)06SAT 1530UG, PG, Ph.D.56,860 USD
University of Chicago107.0UG, PG, Ph.D., and Diploma60,550 USD
University of Pennsylvania137.0UG, PG, Ph.D., and Diploma60,000 USD
Princeton University167.0UG, PG, Ph.D., and Diploma48,500 USD
Yale University187.0UG, PG, Ph.D., and Diploma57,700 USD
Cornell University207.5UG, PG, Ph.D., and Diploma59,280 USD
Columbia University227.5UG, PG, Ph.D., and Diploma61,670 USD

What Are The Entry Requirements For Indian Students In The USA?

Indian students have to have some requirements for studying in the USA. Different US universities have different requirements. However, there are some standard eligibilities that all Indian students must possess.

Here are the requirements to study in USA for Indian students:

Undergrad Program

To study for a bachelor’s degree in the US, you must complete 12 years of education in India. Plus, you will need to submit all these certificates. UG programs in the USA also require a 5.5 IELTS band score as the English proficiency course. The TOEFL score will have to be between 70 to 89.

Postgraduate Program

To apply for a postgrad program, you will have to submit a bachelor’s degree certificate with a minimum of 65% to 70%. You must take the GRE test and achieve a minimum of 290 scores. IELTS or TOEFL score is also a must.

Ph.D. Program

You have to complete a master’s degree to apply for a Ph.D. program. Then you must take aptitude tests like the GRE and GMAT.

Language Proficiency Requirement

You must prove your English language proficiency to study in the USA from India. Let’s see the language proficiency score required by the US universities:

  • IELTS: minimum band score of 5.5
  • TOEFL: minimum score of 70 to 89.
Which Are The Top Courses In The USA

Which Are The Top Courses In The USA?

USA universities offer many courses in various fields. Let’s see the best courses to study in the USA:

Course NameBest UniversityQS Ranking 2023
Business ManagementStanford Graduate School of Business03
FinanceUniversity of Chicago10
EngineeringMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)01
Mathematics and Computer SciencesMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)01
Humanities & Social SciencesHarvard University05
Physical and Life SciencesHarvard University05
MedicineHarvard University05
Data ScienceUniversity of California – UC Berkeley27

What Are The Costs Of Studying In The USA For Indian Students?                  

The cost of studying in the USA for Indian students is very high. The total cost includes tuition fees and living expenses. Let’s see the cost of studying in USA for Indian students in rupees as well.

Here are the average tuition fees in US universities in different programs:

ProgramsAverage Tuition Fee in USDAverage Tuition Fee in INR
Undergraduate20,000 to 40,00016,00,000 to 31,00,000
Postgraduate20,000 to 45,00016,00,000 to 35,00,000
MBA45,000 to 77,00035,00,000 to 6,270,918
PhD28,000 to 55,00022,00,000 to  43,00,000
MBBS24,000 to 66,00018,00,000 to 50,00,000

Now, let’s look at the average living expenses for Indian students in the USA:

AccommodationUSD 9800 to 11,000
FoodUSD 400 to 600
TransportationUSD 45 to 100
Health InsuranceUSD 700 to 1100
MiscellaneousUSD 300 to 1000

Scholarships For Indian Students In the USA

The USA offers many scholarships for international students. Let’s check out what scholarships are available for Indian students:

Scholarship NameAwarded ToEligibilityAmount
Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship ProgramAwarded to particular courses5 years or more work experienceCovers total tuition fees; stipend; health insurance; airfare
Fulbright ScholarshipAwarded to PG and Ph.D. studentsExcellent Academic recordCovers full tuition fee; monthly stipend; health insurance; airfare
AEF ScholarshipOpen for PG studentsBased on meritUSD 20,000
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s FellowshipAwarded to PG students on particular coursesMerit-based scholarshipUSD 7,000
Asian Women in Business Scholarship FundOpen for Asian female studentsMinimum CGPA of 3.0USD 2,500
Cornell University Tata ScholarshipAwarded to UG students from IndiaMerit and need-based scholarshipUSD 7,800
How Can Indian Students Get A USA Student Visa

How Can Indian Students Get A USA Student Visa?

The USA offers 3 categories of visas for Indian students. Let’s see what they are:

F-1 Visa for Students

It’s a very popular visa category for Indian students who will be eligible to study at a US university. This visa allows students to work part-time and provide OPT training for a year.

J-1 Visa for Students

The j-1 visa is suitable for Indian students who will attend practical or vocational training. It provides similar job opportunities as J1.

M-1 Visa for Students

This visa is for English language training. It does not allow students to work while studying.

Requirements of Indian Students For US Student Visa

You will require the following documents to apply for a US student visa:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates
  • Offer Letter from a US University
  • A valid passport
  • Proof of financial solvency
  • Any other necessary documents

Visa Interview For Indian Students

It’s excellent news that Indian students no longer have to give visa interviews. The US government has waived the F, M, and academic J visa interviews. So, you no longer have to take the hassle of the in-person interview to get a US student visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does studying in the USA cost for an Indian?

An Indian student has to spend 16 lacs to 31 lacs INR for an undergrad program in the USA. For a PG program, the cost will be around 20 to 35 lacs INR.

Is it worth studying in the USA for Indian students?

The USA is the top destination for international students. More than 30% of international students study in the USA. So, it will be a worthy destination for Indian students.

Can Indians study in the USA for free?

Indian students can study for free in the USA if they can secure a full-funding scholarship. Besides, many universities and colleges do not require tuition fees; they can study there for free.

What is the age limit for a student visa in USA?

Generally, there’s no PRACTICAL age limit for a student visa in the USA. However, students of 14 years to 79 years can apply for a US student visa as per the rule.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, embarking on a journey to Study in USA for Indian Students opens up a world of endless possibilities. With its top-notch educational institutions, diverse culture, and opportunities for personal growth, the United States offers a transformative experience like no other. So, if you’re an aspiring Indian student looking to broaden your horizons, consider the USA as your academic destination, and let your dreams take flight.

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