University Clearing in the UK in 2023

University Clearing in the UK in 2023

So, what is University clearing? The Clearing is where Universities can fill extra spaces in courses if they’re still available.

Can I use Clearing?

Some of the conditions for Clearing:

  • You didn’t receive any offers
  • Didn’t receive offers from any of your choices
  • You didn’t meet the offer conditions

How can I apply using Clearing?

What is the university clearing system? Firstly we recommend contacting the University you’re interested in and asking for advice. So Universities might not offer to clear if all the spaces are filled; however, you’ll never know until you ask. All Universities will have a student advisor or careers officer with whom you’ll discuss further options. Your course may not be available, but other options and courses might suit you.

Be open-minded about the available course – We understand how it could be disheartening to be asked to consider a different path; however, it might be an option if you plan to attend university in that particular year.

Remember to get all the information needed from your chosen University before putting a Clearing choice in your Track. Contact your University to get your ID and clearing number, as this will be useful for you to track your progress.

Don’t set your mind on one place as other places might offer the same. Try to build up some informal offers before thinking about it. Need accommodation? Do they offer it? And have you had a look at their campus? Ask yourself questions, as it’s a long-term commitment and a reasonable sum of money.

How much does clearing costs?

“If you originally only applied for one course for the reduced fee of £20, you’ll have to pay an additional £5 to apply through Clearing. (For 2021 entry, the additional cost will be £6.).”

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