About the universities we work with

universities we work with

About the universities we work with

Applying to University is an important decision, and when going through the process, you must make the right decision and choose the right institute. Universities across the UK have different characteristics and personalities that can massively affect your experience when studying there.

We work with universities across the country and, with over ten years of experience, have garnered strong relationships with institutional bodies and can help you make the right decision. With over 20 partner institutions, we deeply understand the different universities the UK has to offer.

Thanks to our decade of experience, our expert team can help you make the right decision and find the University that best fits you. Our team has received training from some of the best UK universities on how best to serve our customers and help you find the best education for your needs.

Whether you’re applying for an undergraduate, postgraduate, or any other type of degree, we are here to give you the best help available. Our powerful knowledge of UK universities and the degrees they offer can be used to inform your decision and choose the right education for you.

Depending on your specific needs, we can help you gain entry to the course of your dreams. From IT to healthcare to science degrees, we can help you secure a degree in your chosen field and gain new opportunities for your career.

Owing to our deep connections with UK universities, we can help with all stages of your application process. Whether you’re worried about writing a personal statement or need help preparing for an interview, Boost Education offers a range of services to make your application as simple as possible.

Even after you’ve secured your position, there’s still much to be done. Endless piles of admin and financing agreements need to be set up before you can begin comfortably studying. From applying for a student loan to figuring out your accommodation, Boost Education Service can offer a helping hand in making sure your university experience goes according to plan.

Need any additional help or advice? Contact our professionals at Boost Education Service, where we’re more than happy to help you get into your dream UniverUniversity +44 (0) 20 3318 9380 | M: +44(0)77 5740 8797

Email: info@boosteducationservice.co.uk

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