Affordable And Top Accommodation In Belfast For Students

Accommodation In Belfast For Students

Affordable And Top Accommodation In Belfast For Students

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage. It is also attractive to students seeking higher education. To be successful in academic pursuits, securing suitable and comfortable accommodations is crucial for students. This article aims to guide about the best accommodation in Belfast for students.

Why Choose Belfast for Study?

There are several reasons for choosing Belfast as your study destination. Belfast is home to prestigious institutions such as Queen’s University and Ulster University. It is the key reason why many students prioritize this city.

Belfast also offers a diverse array of cultural activities and attractions. The dynamic environment of this city will enrich your educational journey. Choosing Belfast will provide you with academic growth and cultural exploration.

Types of Student Accommodation in Belfast

As a student, you have many housing options in Belfast with unique features and benefits. Here are some of the diverse student accommodation options available. You can choose the best Accommodation based on your preferences and needs.

University Halls of Residence

On-campus living will provide you with furnished rooms, laundry facilities, meal plans, and a supportive community. The university halls are considered the safest place for a student. You will feel safe and secure with controlled access and staff presence.

Application Process and Eligibility

Several universities offer halls in Belfast. To secure a place in university halls, you must submit specific applications and documents according to the university’s requirements. Some universities maintain an online application portal. You can check your university’s official website to learn the application process.

You can also directly contact the university through phone calls or emails. They will surely assist you and provide you with all the information regarding it. Generally, halls are open to enrolled students. However, some universities require eligibility criteria for on-campus living. It includes courses, years of study, or specific year groups.

Private Student Accommodation in Belfast

Private Student Accommodation in Belfast

Private student accommodation in Belfast offers greater independence. It is more flexible and sometimes costs less than university halls. Through this type of accommodation, you can make your own living arrangements. However, the main problem is finding affordable and comfortable housing.

Casita: A Reliable Platform

Casita is a reliable platform for finding and booking private student housing in Belfast. It provides a secure experience for students seeking private accommodation. You can find many suggestions on their website. You can also reach out to Casita Belfast directly. Inquire about available properties, application process, and specific support services.

University Halls Vs. Private Student Accommodation

This comparison table will help you understand the differences between university halls and private student accommodation.

University Halls AccommodationPrivate Student Accommodation
Rooms tend to be standard with shared or single occupancy options.It offers more variety in room types
The living cost is very cheap.Generally, it costs less. But sometimes, can be more expensive than university halls.
University support staff are readily available to assist you with academic issues.May have limited access to university support staff.
University halls provide top security for students.It can be less safe and secure.
In university halls, there is less flexibility.You can customize your living activities with flexibility.

Shared Student Houses

Shared student houses are a popular accommodation for students in Belfast. There are many reasons behind it. This type of accommodation is cheaper than renting a flat or apartment alone. It also offers a great way to meet new people and make friends. You will experience great social interaction and support through it. Here are some tips on finding the best shared houses.

  • Consider how close you want to be to your university campus.
  • Research different areas.
  • Determine your comfortable monthly rent.
  • Don’t Be Shy. Negotiate rent fairly.
  • Explore various platforms to compare options that suit you.
  • Check your university’s student support services for advice.

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments provide you with personal living spaces. It gives you complete control to customize your living environment. This kind of accommodation is popular because of its privacy and independence. If you seek a quiet and focused living environment, studio apartments will be ideal.

In general, you need a high budget to afford it. However, budgeting effectively can cause a smooth financial experience. You can follow these key considerations in budgeting for a studio apartment in Belfast:

  • Research Rents by using property search websites
  • Don’t just focus on rent. Include utilities (electricity, water, gas), internet, and council tax.
  • Be aware of potential one-time costs like a deposit.
  • Allocate realistic amounts for groceries, transportation, social activities, and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Take advantage of student discounts.
  • Communicate with your landlord if any unexpected cost issues appear. 

Luxury Accommodation in Belfast for Students

Luxury student accommodation in Belfast offers premium living conditions. This accommodation is for students seeking a higher standard of living. If you have enough budget then it would be an idle choice.

Luxury accommodations feature a modern design. It often includes luxuries such as gyms, study spaces, and communal areas for socializing. This caused higher rents compared to standard university halls or private shared houses. The added amenities and upscale environment can provide you more comfortable and enjoyable student experience.

Popular locations include:

  1. Botanic Studios – Located near Queen’s University, offering stylish studios with modern facilities.
  2. Swanston House – Situated in the heart of Belfast, close to Ulster University, featuring en-suite rooms and shared apartments.
  3. John Bell House – A historic building near Queen’s University with contemporary apartments and excellent amenities.
  4. Great Patrick Street – Close to Ulster University, offering luxurious en-suite rooms and spacious communal areas.
Popular Areas in Belfast for Students

Popular Areas in Belfast for Students

South Belfast

South Belfast is known for the best student accommodation near Queen’s University Belfast. Numerous accommodation options are available there. If you are a student of Queen’s University, living here will provide timely access to campus facilities.

City Centre

Living in the city centre offers you the advantage of having student accommodation near Ulster University Belfast. This area, however, comes with a higher rental price. Opting for student accommodation in Belfast city centre ensures you’re close to essential amenities, vibrant nightlife, and excellent public transport links, making it a convenient choice despite the higher cost.

The Holylands

The Holylands has a vast reputation as a popular student area. Its safety concerns will attract you the most. You can also enjoy the rich atmosphere and community spirit of this area.

Lisburn Road

Lisburn Road is a vibrant area filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants. It’s well-connected by public transport, making it easy to commute to both Queen’s University and Ulster University. The area is popular among students for its lively atmosphere and the variety of affordable accommodation options.


Stranmillis is another popular area for students, particularly those attending Queen’s University. This neighbourhood offers a quieter environment compared to the bustling city centre, with plenty of green spaces, coffee shops, and local amenities. It’s an ideal place for students looking for a balance between study and leisure.

Botanic Avenue

Botanic Avenue is a lively area with a strong student presence. It’s known for its diverse range of eateries, bars, and entertainment options. Proximity to Queen’s University and excellent transport links make it a preferred choice for many students. The area’s vibrant social scene is a major draw for those looking to enjoy student life to the fullest.

Other Noteworthy Areas

Besides popular student neighBesides popular student neighbourhoods, several other areas in Belfast offer attractive living options for students. Living in Falls Road, Queen’s Quarter, Ormeau Road, Ballyhackamore, Cregagh, Dundonald, Ravenhill Road, Ballynafeigh, Knock, Strandtown, Sandy Row, Cliftonville, or Antrim Road will also benefit you. Each place offers a wide range of facilities for students.

Costs and Budgeting

Here are the average rents, utility, and additional expenses in different parts of Belfast. Applying cost efficiency can provide you with a budget-friendly living experience.

AreaAverage RentAverage Utility and Additional Expenses
Queen’s Quarter$USD 550 Per Month$USD 200 Per Month
City Centre$USD 1000 Per Month$USD 250 Per Month
South Belfast$USD 1100 Per Month$USD 20০ Per Month
The Holylands$USD 370 Per Month$USD 180 Per Month
Stranmillis$USD 545 Per Month$USD 300 Per Month
Lisburn Road$USD 650 Per Month$USD 130 Per Month
Falls Road$USD 900Per Month$USD 300 Per Month

Money Saving and Budgeting Tips

  • Preparing your meals at home can significantly reduce food expenses.
  • You can take advantage of student discounts on public transport.
  • Use energy-saving electronics in your accommodation.
  • Use budgeting apps or create a simple spreadsheet to track your income and expenses.
  • Consider part-time employment to supplement your income.

Cheap and Cheapest Student Accommodation in Belfast

Here are some low-cost, budget-friendly housing choices in Belfast for students seeking cheap student accommodation in Belfast:

  • Shared Houses/Flats: Sharing a house or flat with multiple roommates costs less.
  • Homes Away From The Downtown Area: Areas such as Stranmillis, Falls Road, and Lisburn Road are cheaper than Holylands or the City Centre.
  • Student Housing: You can rent a space in a local’s home. It’s cheaper and lets you live like a local.
  • College Housing Help: Most colleges have offices that assist students with finding low-cost places to live.
Securing Your Accommodation

Securing Your Accommodation

After choosing a place, you must complete some steps to secure your accommodation. For example,

  • Paperwork: You must prepare documents such as tenancy agreements, inventory reports, and important contact details for your landlord. Make sure to read and understand documents before signing.
  • Deposits: You have to deposit at least one month of rent in advance. The landlord must give you specific written information about the deposit scheme.
  • Contracts: You have to provide your name, address, and contact details to your landlord. Also, you must keep your landlord’s information for future contact.
  • Avoiding Scams and Common Pitfalls: Be careful of unusually low rent offers. You should not make a payment without viewing the property. If you deposited, make sure that your deposit payments are made through secure methods.

Amenities and What to Look For

Here are the essential amenities and considerations that you should look for when choosing accommodation in Belfast:

  • Convenient Location: Look for accommodation that is within proximity to your university campus.
  • Public Transport Access: Consider the accessibility of public transport options, such as bus stops or train stations.
  • Safety and Security Features: Accommodation with secure entry systems can provide you with proper safety.  Look for properties with CCTV cameras.
  • Inclusive Utilities vs. Self-Pay: Some accommodations cover utility packages within the rent. Several other accommodations didn’t come with this feature. There, you should manage utility expenses effectively. Also, make sure that your chosen accommodation has high-speed internet facilities.

Reviews and Recommendations

When securing accommodation in Belfast, read reviews. You can find reliable reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and accommodation websites. Also, different student forums can provide you with experienced reviews. After getting the information, you should crosscheck it at least once.

Best Accommodation in Belfast for Students

Based on student feedback, here are some top recommendations for student accommodation in Belfast:

  • Nelson Place: Brand new accommodation with communal spaces and high-speed WiFi. (£149 per week)
  • Bradbury Place: Offers a private gym, study space, courtyards, cinema room, and WiFi
  • LIV Student Belfast: Less than a 30-second walk from Ulster University’s Belfast campus & 15-minute cycle from Queen’s University. (£180 per week)
  • Swanston House: Here, you can beat rising energy costs with all bills included. (£171 per week)

Living in Belfast: Tips and Hacks

Know Your Neighbors

A friendly neighbourhood can change your overall experience in Belfast. When you see your neighbours outside, take a moment to introduce yourself. Saying hello can make a big difference.

Embrace The Local Culture And Events

Attend traditional cultural sessions. These sessions are held in pubs all over the city.

Navigate Public Transport

Belfast has a good public transport method such as trains, trams and buses. Get a TransLink card, which is a pre-paid travel card that can be used on all public transport.

Local Eateries and Hangouts

Belfast has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes. You can test many cultural foods according to your budget.


From student apartments to shared houses, Belfast offers a wide range of accommodation options. Choosing the best accommodation in Belfast for students is crucial to living comfortably and budget-friendly. With proper planning and hacks, you’re sure to have a fantastic student experience in Belfast!

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