12 Benefits of Studying in UK

Benefits of Studying in UK

12 Benefits of Studying in UK

The UK is one of the best destinations for higher education due to top-notch education quality, cultural diversity, work opportunities, career benefits, lower education costs, etc. According to International student recruitment data, more than 590000 international students are studying in the UK. It covers around 24% of the total student population. But what are the benefits of studying in UK? Let’s learn about it!

Benefits of Studying in UK

There are multiple advantages of studying in the UK. This very homogeneous country offers international students various benefits while they study in the United Kingdom. The following are the primary advantages of studying in the United Kingdom.

01. Highly Ranked Universities

There are around 166 officially recognized universities in the UK. According to the QS World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities, and Academic Ranking of World Universities, the UK has 4 universities ranked in the top 10 universities. University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London are this country’s top three educational institutions.

More than 90 universities in the UK are ranked among the top global universities in different subjects. The country has special Russel Group Universities, which includes 24 leading UK universities. These world-class institutions are well-known for their groundbreaking research and innovation, as well as outstanding teaching and learning experiences.

02. A Culturally Diverse Country

Do you know more than 10 million non-British people live in the United Kingdom? The UK combines four different countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern. It is an exciting and welcoming place to study, work, and live due to the multicultural society. This makes the country rich with various customs and traditions.

Studying in a multicultural society will help students develop valuable intercultural skills. You can easily adapt to various thoughts, beliefs, and understandings. For instance, Cardiff has booming multicultural communities with migrants from more than 50 different countries. This famous city has four universities. Students from more than 120 countries study in these ethnically diverse universities.

Short Duration Courses

03. Short Duration Courses

The UK has a shorter and more intensive education system compared to other nations. Overseas students will graduate sooner without compromising the educational quality. Their curriculum is more focused and runs on a shorter academic calendar with fewer breaks. It allows the educational institution to develop a more concentrated study period.

For instance, getting an undergraduate degree from the US takes around four years. But, you will need only three years to attain a bachelor-level degree in the UK. Plus, getting a post-graduate degree in the UK takes only one year.

04. Affordable Fees And Scholarships 

Students have to pay around $25,000 per academic year to study in the USA and $20,000 to study at an Australian university. In contrast, studying in a UK university is cheaper than in the US and Australia. The average annual cost is around $14,300. One of the primary reasons for affordable fees is a shorter time frame. These lower tuition fees make higher education more easily accessible to overseas students.

Top-performing international students can get a full scholarship in the UK if they meet the academic standards and certain other criteria. It will cover both their tuition fees and living costs. Commonwealth Scholarships, Chevening Scholarships, GREAT Scholarships, British Council scholarships, Marshall Scholarships, etc., are top scholarships in the UK.

05. Easy Visa Application Process

Getting a UK student visa is simple and hassle-free. The success rate of acquiring a UK student visa is 95% to 97%. Hence, international students have a minimal chance of falling on the rejection side. You just need to fulfil the basic criteria that are mentioned on the official website of the UK government. 

The UK government mainly offers three types of student visas to overseas students: Student visa, Child Student visa, and Short-term study visa. One of the primary benefits of a UK student visa is having the opportunity to do part-time jobs. Besides, students reserve the right to access government-funded health care and other public services. They can live up to 5 years with a UK student visa.

International Student Support

06. International Student Support

It is common for international students to face numerous difficulties while studying abroad. Fortunately, the UK has several University international offices to support international students in navigating their study abroad journey. Their dedicated staff members will provide various support services. They offer special counselling and career support to get well-paid jobs in the UK.

Besides, international students will get English language support, disability services, immigration support, independent advice, well-being services, etc. This will help students study and adapt to their new home easily.

07. Improve English Language Skills

Will you believe me if I say there are around 40 different British accents in the UK? Welsh, West Country, Cockney, Geordie, Scottish, Yorkshire, Mainstream RP, Brommie, etc., are the most widely used British dialects. They sound totally different from each other. One of the primary advantages of studying in the UK is learning English language skills quickly in real-life settings.

Students can understand the language better and get used to different accents, phrases, and vocabulary by communicating with native speakers regularly. It will help you improve your conversation and communication skills.

08. Thousands of Subject Options

There are more than 65,000 courses available in the UK universities. These educational institutions offer various degrees, such as Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, Doctorate (Ph.D.), Diploma & Vocational Qualifications, etc. Regardless of the subjects you are interested in, you will find at least a few UK universities offering relevant courses.

Business studies, accounting and finance, undergraduate law, economics, art & design, computer science, mechanical engineering, politics, electrical engineering, biological sciences, etc., are the top popular courses to study in the UK. Overseas students can enrol in long-term and short-term courses in the UK. Short-term courses are beneficial to improve a person’s professional knowledge and enhance career prospects.

Job Opportunities

09. Job Opportunities

International students can do various part-time jobs in the UK while studying a particular subject. It will help them to cover their tuition fees and living expenses. They can earn a minimum of £6-£8 per hour. However, students with advanced skills can earn more. Earning £100-£300 per week is pretty normal for overseas students.

A wide range of part-time job opportunities are available for international students in the UK, such as barista, tutor, library assistant, retail assistant, office administrator, research assistant, data entry, delivery driver, receptionist, etc. If you want a bit higher wages, jobs relevant to Construction, accountancy, or marketing will provide better opportunities. However, you can’t work more than 20 hours per week.

10. Career Prospects

Once a student gets a higher education degree with at least a 50% score, he/she has a high chance of getting a well-paid job both inside and outside the UK. Due to the prestige and global acceptance of the UK’s education standard, their degrees are highly valued worldwide. Employers, universities, and governments worldwide give special preference to UK degrees.

Overseas students get world-class academic practice and real professional experiences while studying in UK universities. You can choose various promising careers after completing your studies, such as engineering, healthcare, human resources, accountancy and finance, marketing and sales, computer science and information technology, education, law, art and design, etc.

11. Health Benefits

International students have access to the National Health Service (NHS) while studying and living in the UK. They do not need to purchase private health insurance separately. However, they will have to pay around £470 per year for health insurance as an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) during their intended stay.

NHS will cover GP visits, hospital treatment, and emergency care. Besides, female students will receive free contraceptive services and maternity care. However, you can’t compare public and private healthcare similarly. There are many cons of NHS, such as staff shortages, financial issues, patient care backlog, long waiting periods, etc.

12. A Safe And Supportive Country

The United Kingdom is one of the safest countries to study in due to a relatively low homicide and crime rate and trusted police forces. Plus, this advanced country has an overall low internal and external conflict. People from different backgrounds, cultures, customs, religions, and societies are respected and well-treated.

This country is a combination of modern, progressive, and multi-faith society that treats every individual equally. Overseas students will get the opportunity to study inclusive and diverse cultures in a safe, student-friendly environment. The social connections, safety, and life satisfaction you will get while living in the UK will outperform any typical country.


The UK is the best destination if you want to get a high-quality education from a top educational institution while enjoying an unbeatable international cultural scene. UK universities offer much flexibility to choose courses and subjects based on their interests and needs. Besides, you can choose alternative times to do part-time jobs. Their internationally recognized global universities offer academic excellence by focusing more on practical knowledge instead of only textbook knowledge. Hopefully, you got a clear overview of the major benefits of studying in the UK.

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