Best Student Consultancy Firm In Bangladesh 2024

Student Consultancy Firm In Bangladesh

Best Student Consultancy Firm In Bangladesh 2024

A student consultancy firm is a professional entity that advises and guides students on higher education and career opportunities in exchange for fees. Thousands of Bangladeshi students go abroad yearly for higher studies with the help of student consultancy firms.

Are you looking for the top education consultancy in Bangladesh?

Boost Education Service is the best student consultancy firm in Bangladesh working to help Bangladeshi students from different socio-economic backgrounds achieve their higher education. It is the best consultancy firm in Bangladesh for Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Student consultancy firms are significant for Bangladesh due to the lack of reliable sources of guidance and support. Boost Education Service aims to fill this gap by providing reliable information and counselling to ensure students make informed decisions.

Services Offered By Boost Education Service

Services Offered By Boost Education Service

In recent years, education consultancy in Bangladesh has grown significantly, with many firms operating nationwide. Firms have differences in their approaches and services offered. Here we will see the available services at BES:

College and University Admission Consulting

Bangladeshi students who want to study abroad need reliable information about colleges and universities. Boost Education Service provides expert advice and insight on the best universities or colleges based on their profile.

The consultancy firm also helps students in every step of their application process. From crafting an attractive profile and personal statement to applying to universities, BES provides a one-stop service to students.

Scholarship & Financial Aid Guidance

Many Bangladeshi students planning to study abroad rely on scholarships to cover their tuition fees. So, knowing and understanding all the available scholarships and their terms become crucial for them. Boost Education Service helps students with it.

The expert counsellors from BES help students understand the range of scholarships and financial aid available to them. They also help students research options and prepare applications for different scholarship schemes.

Test Preparation Classes

Boost Education Service conducts various test preparation classes in order to help students get admission to their desired colleges or universities. Bangladeshi students must take English language proficiency tests like IELTS and GRE and aptitude tests like GRE to study abroad.

Students can take these test preparation classes from BES to get good scores. These classes help students understand the structure of the test, master strategies, practice the content, and practice time management.

Visa Application Assistance

Visa is a significant issue for Bangladeshi students. Many do not get a student visa, even with a valid offer letter. It happens mainly in the case of North American and European countries.

However, Boost Education Service helps students with visa applications in terms of guidance and assistance. It helps students understand various visa options and eligibility, makes their visa application more attractive, and even helps them complete the paperwork.

Career Counseling

Not only just in getting admission, but Boost Education Service also helps students navigate their careers. It helps them identify the most suitable career based on their skills and interests.

From getting their first new job to switching jobs, students get expert opinions and advice from BES. The student consultancy firm also helps in job searches, resume-making, and help with networking or internship opportunities.

Benefits Of Choosing Boost Education Service

Benefits Of Choosing BES: Best Education Consultancy Firm In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Boost Education Service is one of Bangladesh’s top education consultancy firms and offers many benefits that others cannot. Here are some benefits students will enjoy from BES:

Experienced and Knowledgeable Consultants

Boost Education Service has many experienced and knowledgeable consultants in Bangladesh who provide reliable counselling to students. The senior consultants at BES are highly efficient and have proven track records of placing students at top universities. They understand the trends and requirements and provide valuable insights.

Extensive Network of Partner Institute

Boost Education Service partners with many well-known and reputed universities from Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia. As a result, students get a wide range of options in choosing the best possible programs based on their profile.

Personalized and Tailored Guidance

Admission to a foreign university is a complex process, and BES rightly understands it. Each student has a unique profile with different strengths and weaknesses. That’s why BES takes the time to understand each student and offers personalized and tailored guidance to them.

Assistance Throughout the Entire Application Process

A good thing about Boost Education Service that differentiates it from other student consultancy firms in Bangladesh is that it provides thorough assistance and guidance from A to Z in the application process.

From initial university research to the enrollment process and even the student accommodation option, BES offers complete guidelines to students. It aims to make the application process as stress-free for students as possible.

Success Stories of Previous Clients

Boost Education Service helps a growing number of Bangladeshi students get admission abroad each year. Every student has a unique story that you can learn from. So, knowing the success stories of previous clients will be reassuring for you and will boost your confidence to seek help from Boost Education Service.

Process Of Working With Boost Education Service

Process Of Working With Boost Education Service

Initial Consultation and Assessment

When a student seeks assistance from Boost Education Service, the firm collects essential information about the student, such as academic records, language proficiency records, etc. After collecting the necessary information, BES makes assessments and provides consultation.

Developing a Customized Plan

When Boost Education Service completes the student assessment, they will have a complete profile of students. Based on that profile, BES creates customized plans for students. The plan includes a list of recommended countries, universities, tuition fees, available scholarship options, etc.

Application Submission and Follow-Up

Based on the customized plan, Boost Education Service will assist students with the application process. From selecting a university to submitting the application form, BES helps students prepare resumes, schedule interviews, submit necessary documents, and follow up with the university. It also helps students maintain essential timelines.

Visa Processing and Preparation for Departure

When students get an offer letter from their desired university, Boost Education Service will help them get a student visa. Obtaining a student visa and applying for it is a challenging task. But BES helps students in gathering relevant documents. After the visa is approved, BES will help students prepare for departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which education consultancy is best in Bangladesh?

Boost Education Service is among the top education consultancies in Bangladesh, offering comprehensive services for students aiming to study abroad. Renowned for its expertise and success in student placements, Boost Education Service stands alongside other leading firms like Sangen Edu Ltd, PFEC Global, NHP Education Consultants, Globalwings, and Career Paths.

How much does it cost to work with Boost Education Service?

Now, students may wonder how much they have to spend to get all these one-stop services from Boost Education Service. The cost at BES depends on what services you are taking. Each student requires a different customized plan. Thus, the cost will be different as well. But the cost is definitely within an acceptable range.

What is the success rate of their clients?

Boost Education Service is a UK-based student consultancy firm that operates in many countries, including Bangladesh. The firm has experienced and skilful counsellors who assist students at every step. Since its inception in 2012, BES successfully placed more than 10,000 students in various universities worldwide.

How long does the process take?

The entire university admission process abroad takes a few months, from researching potential universities to getting a student visa. Boost Education Service helps students get admission to a university abroad very efficiently within as short a time as possible.

Can Boost Education Service help with non-traditional education paths?

Boost Education Service helps students from different backgrounds get their desired higher education abroad. They also work with students from non-traditional education paths and provide them with personalized support with educational planning. Students get reliable guidance from BES that helps them stay on track.

What is the availability of their services?

Boost Education Service operates in different countries and helps students get admission to their desired universities or colleges. It has operations in Dhaka, Bangladesh. However, BES organizes education fairs and seminars throughout the country to ensure access to its services from any part of Bangladesh.

Testimonials From Previous Clients

Success stories from previous students are the most considerable reassurance for new students. Each year, Boost Education Service successfully place hundreds of students in their desired university. Their testimony and story inspire new students and their parents.

Salma Khalid is a Bangladeshi student who returns to her higher studies with the help of Boost Education Service. “I wanted to get back into education, I was worried about where to start from. Boost Education Service has been an amazing help to get me to start my journey.”

Mehedi Hasan, a DBA student at the University of West of Scotland, shares his thoughts, “Boost Education service helped a lot for my higher education opportunities in the UK, they always provided me correct information and guidance for the University admission and visa processing.”

Khalida Ibrahim from Arden University recommends Boost Education Services with a beautiful message saying, “Highly recommend Boost Education team. They are all professional people and assisted in the entire process of registration. All the Best!”

With the help of Boost Education Service, thousands of students are currently studying at their desired universities. Thousands of others are already in the workforce of their desired career. Boost Education Service does not stop at helping students get admission; it also helps them choose the right career paths.

Hearing Successful stories from students admitted to their desired university with the help of Boost Education Service will show students their commitment towards each student and how they help them reach their individual goals. It’ll be a vital factor in deciding to use Boost Education Service.

Final Thoughts

Boost Education Service is working to help Bangladeshi students get to their dream universities abroad. With its holistic guidance on higher education and career, BES has become popular among Bangladeshi students. Since more students are abroad each year, the need for a student consultancy firm in Bangladesh has increased proportionately. Contact us on our Hotline or social media accounts to discuss your higher studies.

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