Australian Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in 2024

Australian Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students

Australian Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in 2024

Studying abroad is a costly matter. Fortunately, there are fully funded scholarships available by the Australian Government for Bangladeshi students that can assist you in paying for all of your tuition costs for those interested in studying in Australia from Bangladesh. Further, some scholarships go above and above by paying for your daily expenses, medical costs, and airfare. Please continue reading this article to learn more about the chances for Australian Scholarships For Bangladeshi students.

Australian universities offer various scholarships for Bangladeshi students. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, and applicants must show that they qualify for the scholarship they are asking for.

Program for Australian Scholarships

Under the Australian Scholarships Program, the Australian Government has made a variety of study and research scholarships available to applicants in the Asia Pacific region, including Bangladesh. This comprises the Endeavour Awards Program, the Australian Leadership Awards, and the Australian Development Scholarships (ADS).

Types of Scholarships Available for Bangladeshi Students in Australia

Types of Scholarships Available for Bangladeshi Students in Australia

Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia awards scholarships is a distinguished, fully-funded scholarship provided by the Australian Government to excellent students from developing countries, including Bangladesh, who wish to study in Australia. Australia Awards scholarships pay for airfares, living expenses, Overseas Students’ Health Insurance, and any other study-related expenditures in addition to the tuition. Students must be citizens of one of the participating countries, have an outstanding academic record, and return to their home country after completing the course to be eligible for this award.

Research Training Program

Students can apply for the Research Training Program (RTP), another fully-funded Australian government scholarship, to study there. As its name implies, this award is solely available to students enrolled in research-focused Master’s and Doctoral programs, basically a scholarship in Australia for masters. The tuition fee offset provided by the Research Training Program scholarship is equal to the amount the institution charges for the course. Additionally, OSHC expenditures are paid for, and living stipends are given to the chosen applicants.

International Deakin Vice-Chancellor Scholarship

The Vice-International Chancellor’s Scholarship at Deakin University pays up to 100% of international students’ tuition costs. International students who wish to apply for this scholarship must also fulfill all other prerequisites for enrollment at Deakin University, including having a cumulative average of at least 85% in their prior coursework. In addition, the Vice-Professional Chancellor’s Excellence Program will be required of the students awarded this scholarship.

International Vice-Chancellor

Next is a Scholarship from the International Vice-Chancellor, which is fully funded. Students from specific South Asian nations can now pursue undergraduate or graduate studies at a university thanks to a 100% scholarship from Deakin University. Students must satisfy the eligibility requirements, which include academic standards like 85% in Year 12 or 80% in the undergraduate degree, among other requirements for attending Deakin University. In addition, participants in the Vice-Professional Chancellor’s Excellence Program must be successful students.

International Leadership Scholarship at Monash

This award from Monash University, also known as the Sir John Monash Fee Scholarship, pays the entire tuition cost for the chosen students. International students from any nation may apply, and those chosen will be based on their strong academic records, application essays, and aptitude to serve as Monash ambassadors.

Graduate Research Scholarships

The University of Melbourne offers completely paid scholarships to high-achieving students who choose to pursue graduate studies there. Only students pursuing a Master’s by Research or a Doctorate with a research focus are eligible for the funding. This scholarship covers not only the full cost of tuition but also the single Overseas Student’s health coverage and general living expenses.

Master of Architecture from the Abedian Foundation

For those who are interested in studying for a Master of Architecture, this is the best option for them. Students from any nation enrolled in Bond University’s Master of Architecture program are eligible for this fully supported grant. This fellowship is awarded based on academic merit and is supported equally by Bond University and the Abedian Foundation.

How to Apply for Australian Scholarships

How to Apply for Australian Scholarships

Hey there, aspiring scholar! Dreaming of studying Down Under with the kangaroos, incredible beaches, and top-tier universities? We’ve got your back. Let’s unravel the process of applying for Australian scholarships, step by step.

  1. Research is Key: Start by identifying the right scholarship for you. Australia boasts a variety of scholarships for both domestic and international students. Websites like Study in Australia are gold mines for information.
  2. Eligibility Check: Ensure you fit the bill. Each scholarship has unique criteria – academic achievements, specific fields of study, nationality, etc. Don’t waste time on ones that don’t match your profile.
  3. Gather Your Documents: Standard documents include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a killer personal statement. Some might require proof of community service, extracurricular activities, or other achievements.
  4. Ace that Personal Statement: This is your time to shine! Share your story, aspirations, and why you deserve the scholarship. Make it heartfelt, genuine, and compelling.
  5. Deadlines are Sacred: Mark your calendar, set reminders, and do whatever it takes. Missing a deadline is a no-go. Pro tip: Apply well in advance to give yourself a cushion for any unexpected hiccups.
  6. Application Submission: Most applications are online, but always double-check. Read the instructions twice (or thrice!), and ensure every box is ticked before hitting that ‘Submit’ button.
  7. Follow Up & Stay Positive: Once submitted, a gentle follow-up can make a difference. And remember, while scoring a scholarship is fantastic, a rejection isn’t the end. There’s always another opportunity around the corner!

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Before Applying for Australian Scholarships: The Prep Work

  • Understanding the Landscape: Before diving in, familiarize yourself with Australia’s education system and scholarship landscape. Recognize that Australia is a top study destination with scholarships across disciplines, from the arts to zoology.
  • Dream and Aim High, but Stay Grounded: Outline your goals. Are you targeting a specific university or course? Maybe a particular field of research? Jot down your aspirations but ensure they align with your skills, passions, and academic background.
  • The Recon Mission: As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” Dive deep into scholarship portals, university websites, and student forums. Find scholarships that resonate with your profile.
  • Mastering the Eligibility Game: This can’t be stressed enough. Before putting pen to paper, ensure you meet the scholarship criteria. It’s heartbreaking to craft a stellar application only to find you’re ineligible.

After Applying for Australian Scholarships: The Waiting Game

  • Patience is a Virtue: After hitting the ‘Submit’ button, the waiting game begins. Remember, scholarship committees receive numerous applications, and they scrutinize each one thoroughly. Breathe and be patient.
  • Keep the Momentum Going: Don’t halt your aspirations while waiting for one response. Continue applying for other scholarships, grants, or opportunities. The more you apply, the better your odds.
  • Stay in the Loop: Check your email regularly, including that sneaky spam folder. Some scholarship committees might need additional information or clarifications. Prompt responses paint you in a good light.
  • Rejection isn’t Failure; It’s a Learning Curve: If you face rejection, don’t be disheartened. Analyze feedback if given, refine your application, and try again. Remember, every “no” gets you closer to that cherished “yes.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the IELTS score required for a scholarship in Australia?

You need to be proficient in English according to specified requirements to be eligible for an Australian Awards Scholarship or any other scholarship. It would be best if you had a minimum IELTS (Academic) overall score of 6.5 and no band lower than 6.0.

How much does it cost to study in Australia from Bangladesh?

The cost of a bachelor’s degree in Australia ranges from about $15,000 to $33,000. For a master’s degree program, students must pay between AU$ 20,000 and $37,000, and for a doctoral or Research degree, they must spend between AU$ 14,000 and $37,000. But, of course, this is just a general estimate. For more information on studying in Australia from Bangladesh, visit our website or talk to one of our councilors.

How can I get a full scholarship in Australia?

To be very honest, studying abroad is expensive. Fortunately for Bangladeshi students who want to study in Australia, fully funded scholarships are available to help you cover your tuition costs. Please visit Boost Education Services to learn more about Bangladeshi students’ opportunities to receive scholarships to study in Australia.

How can I apply for a scholarship in Australia?

In Australia, there are 4 phases to applying for a scholarship.

  • Step 1: Perform a search to learn about available scholarship options.
  • Step 2: Sign up; next, you must create a profile on the website for scholarships.
  • Step 3: Then create your online application and include any necessary supporting documentation
  • Step 4: Finally, Apply as soon as possible by submitting a finalized copy.

How much CGPA is required for a scholarship in Australia?

For most Bachelor’s degree programs at Australian universities, a solid first division or at least a GPA of 2.8 in NEB or an equivalent is the fundamental entry criterion. For admittance into Bachelor’s degree programs, students who have completed their A-levels must have 3.5 A-level credits and an overall A-level grade of C. In addition, Australia requires a valid student visa. Therefore, it would be best if you enrolled full-time at a regional university campus in Australia.


Australian Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students open a world of opportunities for ambitious learners from Bangladesh. These scholarships not only highlight the inclusive and diverse nature of Australian education but also underscore the potential and talent inherent in Bangladeshi students. By availing of these scholarships, students from Bangladesh can access world-class education, foster global networks, and pave the way for a brighter future. As the bonds between the two nations strengthen, such initiatives further emphasize the importance of cross-cultural understanding and cooperation in today’s globalized world.

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