Health Services Available in the UK

Health Services Available in the UK

Health Services Available in the UK

During your time at university, you may experience adverse health problems, both physical and mental. University is stressful enough without adding on health issues, so it’s a good idea to know what health services are available to you. Your university and the UK have a suite of health services available for you to use when needed.


The National Health Service (NHS) is a service that covers a range of health issues, both mental and physical, for the whole of the UK. When applying for your visa, a surcharge of £150 a year will need to be paid, but outside of this, there are no costs associated with most care paths.

You will first need to register with your local GP to use NHS services. Once this is done, you can contact them about any issues you may have. At your local GP, it’s possible to book appointments with a doctor who can then provide personal care and take any further steps that may be necessary. They can also prescribe you medication and refer you for higher levels of treatment if needed.

The NHS also runs most of the hospitals in the UK. These hospitals manage extended treatments and emergency care in the form of A&E. Before you move to university, it’s a good idea to find out where your local hospital is located.

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University Services

It’s likely that your university will have a range of health services available for students to help them while studying. These will be mainly focused on mental health as this can often be an issue due to the stressful nature of the university. Campuses will often have some form of counselor you can contact when feeling stressed who will help you deal with pressure and point you in the right direction for further help. If things get too stressful for you, then there are several options available to help relieve some of the pressure.

Private Health Care

There are many private health care options for those seeking increased care. Billed monthly, these services will provide an increased level of care than what is available with the NHS. Private health care will also allow patients to skip long waiting times and have quicker access to direct care.

While at university, it’s important to focus on your studies and minimize distractions. Health issues can cause serious negative effects, and having access to health care when needed is an important step to staying focused and having the best time you can while at university.

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