MS in UK for Indian Students

Here in this article, I'll provide an overview of the MS in UK for Indian Students, including the various study pathways, fees, and visa requirements.

MS in UK for Indian Students

Are you an Indian student considering studying in the United Kingdom? If yes, you may be interested in learning more about the options available. Here in this article, I’ll provide an overview of the MS in UK for Indian Students, including the various study pathways, fees, and visa requirements.

Additionally, I’ll guide you on how to apply and what to consider when choosing your study destination. In the end, you’ll understand the process and requirements for studying in the UK as an Indian student.

What is an MS degree?

An MS degree refers to a Master of Science degree. It is a postgraduate academic degree awarded to students who have completed a program of study in a specific field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

MS degrees typically require students to complete advanced coursework in their field of study and may involve a research project or thesis. The degree is often considered to be a step towards pursuing a career in research, academia, or industry, as it provides students with a deep understanding of their chosen subject area and develops their analytical and problem-solving skills.

Why Study MS in the UK?

UK universities offer various MS courses across different fields. As an Indian student, you can apply to these courses and finish your higher studies there. But you might ask why masters in UK for Indian students is a good choice.

Here are some reasons you should study MS in the UK:

Quality Education

The UK is known for its high-quality education and prestigious institutions. Universities in the UK are renowned for their research-based curriculum and employ the latest teaching methods and technologies.

Global Recognition

UK degrees are recognized globally, so you can be sure that your qualification is recognized wherever you go. Therefore, it is essential if you are looking to take your qualifications and career abroad.


With English being the official language of the UK, you can easily communicate with people from various countries and cultures. You can also use the language to your advantage if you decide to work in the UK or abroad.


Studying in the UK is much more affordable than in other parts of the world. With tuition fees, living costs, and other expenses, study in UK for Indian students is much lower than in most other countries.

Job Opportunities

The UK has a wide range of job opportunities available for international students. Many employers in the UK are looking for multi-lingual and multi-cultural employees, so your international experience can be an asset.

Cultural Diversity

The UK is home to people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. This diversity offers students a unique learning experience, as they can learn about different cultures and ideas.

Top Universities In UK For MS

Top Universities In UK For MS

The UK has many universities that are respected worldwide. These universities are known for their academic excellence, history, and recognition in every part of the world. Studying MS at the best UK universities will open up many opportunities.

Here are the 10 best universities in UK for MS:

UniversityUniversity League Table Ranking 2023QS World Ranking 2023Average Annual Tuition Fees
University of Oxford14GBP 24,450 to 29,160
University of Cambridge22GBP 22,657 to 39,406
Imperial College London56GBP 22,668 to 40,386
University College London98GBP 11,570 to 25,000
University of Edinburgh1215GBP 22,000 to 34,000
University of Manchester1728GBP 19,000 t0 46,000
King’s College London2237GBP 23,000 to 40,400
London School of Economics and Political Science356GBP 18,000 to 23,000
University of Bristol1561GBP 21,000 to 28,000
University of Warwick1064GBP 18,800 to 44,000

What Are Different Types of Masters In UK?

UK universities mainly offer two types of Master’s Courses. Let’s see what they are:

Taught Masters

There are four master’s degrees offered under this program: MSc, MEng, MA, and MBA. These courses are evaluated through exams, dissertations, and projects.

Research Masters

Research Masters programs are like PHDs but have shorter tenure. MSc, MPhil, and MRes are research-based masters offered by UK universities. Here students do their research and pursue their studies under assigned supervisors.

Eligibility To Study MS In UK For Indian Students

Eligibility To Study MS In UK For Indian Students

Indian students have to have specific eligibility to study MS in UK universities. While different universities have different requirements, there is some basic eligibility that all Indian students must have.

Here is the standard eligibility for MS in UK for Indian students:

Academic Eligibility

You will need a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field with a minimum 3.0 CGPA to apply for MS in UK universities. So, you must have an undergraduate degree with a minimum of second-class honors (2:1) or equivalent.

English Proficiency

To apply for UK universities, you must prove your English proficiency. For that, you will have to take an English proficiency test. Here are the tests accepted by the UK:

  • IELTS: You will require 6 to 7 bands on the IELTS. Also, read the article about studying in the UK Without IELTS.
  • TOEFL: UK universities accept students with TOEFL scores between 90 and 100.
  • PTE: You will need a 60 and above PTE score.


UK universities also ask for some aptitude test scores like GMAT and GRE. To study MS in most UK universities, you will require GRE scores of 90% in quantitative and verbal. Some also ask for at least 50% in the analytical section of the test. The GMAT score varies between programs.

Work Experience

As an Indian MS applicant to UK universities, you will need work experience in the related field to study in the UK. Most universities in UK ask for two to three years of work experience from Indian students.

Required Documents

Indian students applying to study MS in the UK will need to submit the following documents:

  • Valid Indian passport
  • Proof of financial ability
  • Academic transcripts
  • English language proficiency test results
  • Two references
  • CV or resume
  • Statement of purpose
  • Work experience certificate 
  • UK visa application form
  • UKCISA form
  • Tuberculosis test results, if needed
Cost of MS in the UK for Indian Students

Cost of MS in the UK for Indian Students

For Indian students, doing MS in the UK is a big project in terms of cost. The cost of a student consists of tuition fees and living expenses.

Here are the tuition fees for popular MS courses in UK:

Popular CourseApproximate Total Costs
Master of ArchitectureGBP 21,000 to 40,000  or 21 to 40 lakhs INR
MS in Computer ScienceGBP 30,000 to 34,000 or 30 to 34 lakhs INR
MS in Psychology in the UKGBP 23,000 to 53,000 or 23 to 53 lakh INR
MS in Marketing in the UKGBP 20,000 to 26,000 or 20 to 26 lakhs INR
MS in Management in the UKGBP 23,000 to 30,000 or 23 to 30 lakhs INR

Now, let’s see the living costs in the UK for Indian students:

Cost DetailsCost in GBP
Accommodation400 to 500
Utility Bills30 to 40
Travel Expenses100 to 150
Food140 to 180
Mobile Bill & Internet10 to 30

Indian students will have many scholarship opportunities while studying for MS in the UK. Universities offer some of these scholarships, and the government and non-government organizations offer others.

These scholarships can vary between a few hundred pounds to the entire tuition fee coverage plus a monthly stipend, health insurance, air ticket, etc.

How To Apply For MS in UK?

Here’s how you can apply for and study MS in UK universities:

  • Firstly, research the universities and courses you are interested in.
  • Then, check the entry requirements for the universities and courses you are considering.
  • Prepare the necessary documents for your application, such as transcripts, reference letters, statements of purpose, and CVs.
  • Submit your online application and required documents to the universities of your choice.
  • Receive a response from the universities regarding your application status.
  • If your application is successful, you will need to apply for a student visa.
  • Once you have obtained a visa, make the necessary arrangements to travel to the UK.
  • Attend the orientation session at your university and get to know your fellow students and the campus.
  • Finally, start your studies and enjoy your educational experience in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study MS in UK for Indians?

The cost of studying MS in UK for an Indian student can range from £10,000 – £25,000 per year, depending on the university and course of study. The cost is between 20 to 40 lacs INR.

Is MS in UK valid in India?

The qualifications of UK universities are accepted worldwide. So, if you study MS in the UK, it will be well accepted in India. With an MS degree from UK, it will be easier for you to land a job.

Is UK good for Indian students?

Yes, the UK is an excellent option for Indian students as there’s a large Indian diaspora, so students can easily find a supportive network of other Indian students and professionals. UK’s higher education system offers a wide selection of courses and universities.

Do we get a job after MS in UK?

Yes, we can get jobs after completing an MS in the UK. But remember that specific job opportunities will depend on the individual’s qualifications, experience, and skills.

How many years is MS in UK?

MS duration in UK depends on whether you are pursuing full-time or part-time. Full-time MS has 1-year duration, while part-time has two to three years.

Which MS course is best in UK?

The MS courses in the UK include computer science, business and finance, engineering, and mathematics. You should also consider the universities and the research opportunities available.

Can we do MS in the UK without IELTS?

Yes, you can do MS in UK without IELTS. As an Indian student, you will find many universities that do not require English proficiency test scores where you can apply for MS.

Is GRE required for MS in UK?

No, GRE is not required for MS in the UK. This is because each university in the UK has different admission requirements; some do not require GRE scores.

How much does it cost to study MS in the UK?

Studying MS in the UK can cost you around 20,000 to 40,000 GBP, depending on where you are studying. You will also have to spend about 1,000 GBP per month on living expenses.

Final Thoughts

Studying MS in UK for Indian students can be a great opportunity. The UK offers various courses and universities to choose from, and the quality of education is highly respected. Living cost in the UK is relatively high, but numerous scholarships and other financial aid options are available.

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