Diploma Courses in UK After 12th

Diploma Courses in UK After 12th

Diploma Courses in UK After 12th

A diploma course is perfect if you are looking for an excellent opportunity to continue your education after completing 12th grade in the United Kingdom. Diploma courses in UK after 12th offer a range of subject areas that can help you to get qualified for a range of professions, from business and finance to IT and engineering.

Depending on your chosen course, you can gain the qualifications to enter the workforce immediately or continue onto a degree program. This article will explore the different diploma courses available in the UK after 12th grade.

Why Study Diploma Courses In the UK After 12th?

The United Kingdom is known for its internationally recognized diploma courses. As an international student or UK citizen, you can choose diploma courses after completing 12th or high school. But you might want to know why you should select Diploma courses.

Here’s why Diploma courses will be an excellent option to pursue after 12th grade:

Gain Industry-Specific Skills

Diploma courses in the UK provide students with a unique opportunity to gain industry-specific skills and knowledge essential for the job market. It will help them to stand out from their peers and be better equipped for the job market.

A Bridge Between High School and University

A diploma course in the UK after the 12th can serve as a bridge between school and university. It can help students gain knowledge and skills that can help them transition into university without starting from scratch.

Develop Professional Networks

Students can use the opportunity to build professional networks while studying a diploma course in the UK. This can be beneficial in the long run when looking for jobs or internships.

Improve Your Job Prospects

A Diploma course in the UK can help students to improve their job prospects. By blending the knowledge and skills of the courses, they can get a competitive edge in the job market and enjoy better job opportunities.

Get a Head Start in Your Career

With the right diploma course, students can get a head start in their careers and land better job opportunities. This can be beneficial for those who are looking to gain some experience and start their career.

Affordable Tuition Fees

The fees for diploma courses for international students in UK are usually much lower than those for university courses. It makes diploma courses an excellent option for students looking for an affordable way to gain knowledge and skills.

Flexible Study Options

Studying diploma courses in the UK after the 12th offers students flexible study options. This can benefit those looking to combine studies with other commitments such as work or family.

International Exposure

Students can gain international exposure by studying a diploma course in the UK. This can benefit those pursuing a career abroad or working in a multinational company.

Best Diploma Courses In UK After 12th

Best Diploma Courses In the UK After 12th

The UK educational institutions offer many diploma courses you can pursue after completing 12th grade.

Let’s explore some of the best and cheap diploma courses in UK for international students across different fields:

BusinessHospitality & TourismPharmacy
ManagementGraphic DesignBiotechnology
EconomicsMass CommunicationMolecular Sciences
EntrepreneurshipEnglish LiteratureCivil Engineering
International RelationsComputer ScienceMechanical Engineering
Advance AccountingMathematicsAutomotive Engineering

What Are the Best Institutions to Consider?

Now that you know the best diploma courses to study in the UK after high school, it’s time to know the best institutions in the UK to study these diploma courses. So, let’s see the best place to study diploma courses in the UK.

Diploma in Science

Now, let’s check out some best places to study diploma in science after 12th in the UK:

Regents University LondonDiploma in existential psychologyGBP 18,5601 year
Harley oxfordDiploma in Cognitive Behavioural TherapyGBP 16,45013 months
International Career InstituteDiploma in ForensicsGBP 17,5601 year
International Career InstituteDiploma in ZoologyGBP 18,5601 year

Diploma in Commerce

Here are the best institutions to study various diploma courses in commerce with average fees after the 12th:

Diploma In BusinessRegent College LondonGBP 13,45011 Months
Diploma In SalesInternational Career InstituteGBP 21,4501 Year
Diploma In Business Administration And ManagementKingsgate International CollegeGBP 16,45013 Months
Diploma In Computing And Systems DevelopmentThe College Of Central LondonGBP  14,3461 Year
Diploma In AccountingWest College LondonGBP 14,34613 Months

Diploma in Arts & Humanities

Let’s see the best places to study diploma courses after 12th in arts and humanities in the UK with fees:

Graduate Diploma in LawUniversity of WestminsterGBP 18,5601 year
Graduate Diploma in MeditationInternational Career InstituteGBP 13,45013 months
Graduate Diploma in SalesInternational Career InstituteGBP 13,45013 months
Graduate Diploma in Art & DesignRoyal College of ArtGBP 17,5601 year
Diploma in WoodcarvingCity & Guilds of London Art SchoolGBP 13,4503 years
Diploma in Mosaic StudiesLondon School of MosaicGBP 16,4501 year
How to apply to diploma courses in UK after 12th

How to apply to diploma courses in the UK after the 12th?

How to do diploma after 12th? To apply for cheap diploma courses in UK for international students after completing 12th grade, you must meet the entry requirements for the course you wish to pursue. This usually includes a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade A to C or equivalent qualifications.

You should contact the university or college offering the course you are interested in to learn more about the application process. You must provide proof of your qualifications, such as a copy of your high school transcript, and complete an application form.

You may also be required to sit an admissions test or participate in an interview as part of the application process. Once you have completed your application, you’ll be advised if you have succeeded.

If accepted, you must enroll in the course, pay any fees or deposits, and arrange accommodation if required.

What Is The Eligibility To Study Diploma Courses In UK?

Like every other degree, diploma courses also have some entry requirements. Here are the eligibility criteria to study diploma courses in UK after 12th for international students:

  • The minimum entry requirement for diploma courses in the UK usually is two A-levels or equivalent qualifications such as BTECs, International Baccalaureate, or other Level 3 qualifications.
  • Some courses may require specific A-level subject grades or a minimum number of UCAS points.
  • Students may be required to take an admissions test or provide a personal statement.
  • For international students, a valid visa is required.
  • Applicants may also be required to demonstrate proficiency in English language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Required Documents For Diploma Courses In UK After 12th

The documents required for the best diploma courses after 12th are:

  • Passport/ID: A copy of your valid passport/ID card is needed to register and study in the UK.
  • Academic qualifications: You must provide proof of your academic qualifications, such as your school-leaving certificates, transcripts, and diplomas.
  • English language proficiency: As an international student, you must provide proof of your English proficiency, such as an IELTS or TOEFL test score.
  • Financial documents: You will need to provide proof of your financial ability to fund your studies in the UK.
  • Personal statement: You need to provide a personal statement outlining your academic and career goals.
  • Letters of reference: You may need to provide reference letters from your school or university.
  • Visa: A student visa is required if you plan to study in the UK for over six months.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Studying Diploma Course In Uk After 12th?

Studying diploma courses in UK has many drawbacks as well. In this part, we will discuss some major disadvantages of studying diploma courses in the UK. Here are they:

High Tuition Fees

There are no cheap diploma courses in UK for international students. Depending on the course and the institution, students may have to pay more for their diploma courses than in other countries.

Limited Job Opportunities

Another con of studying diploma courses in the UK is the limited job opportunities upon completion. Therefore, more than many diploma courses are needed to secure a job in the UK.

Limited Transfer Options

Many diploma courses may offer limited transfer options to higher-level courses. Unfortunately, students cannot upgrade their diploma course to a degree.

Difficult Entry Requirements

The UK’s entry requirements for diploma courses after the 12th are often quite difficult. Students may have to meet specific criteria to be accepted into the course.

Long Course Duration

Another con of studying diploma courses in the UK is the long duration. Diploma courses often take longer than other courses, so students may need more time to finish their studies.

How Will Boost Education Service Help Students Get Admission

How Will Boost Education Service Help Students Get Admission?

Boost Education Service can help students get admission to diploma courses in the UK after 12th by providing guidance and advice on how and where to apply. In addition, they can provide students with tailored career advice and help them identify the right course and university.

They can also help students to prepare for the UK visa application process and provide information on the tuition fees and living costs associated with studying in the UK. The agency can also provide students with the necessary information on scholarships and financial aid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study in the UK after the 12th?

Yes, you can study in the UK after 12th. You can apply for undergraduate courses at universities and colleges or diploma courses in the UK. However, you may need additional qualifications, such as the International Baccalaureate or A-Levels, to be eligible.

Which diploma course is best after the 12th?

It depends on your interests and career objectives. Popular diploma courses after the 12th include Diplomas in Engineering, Management, Computer Applications, Hotel Management, Fashion Designing, Mass Communication, Travel and Tourism, Photography, Interior Designing, etc.

What are the options to study in the UK for Indian students after the 12th?

There are two options to study in the UK for Indian students after 12th grade. They can either study undergrad at UK universities and colleges or attend diploma courses at various institutions.

How much does it cost to study in the UK after the 12th?

On average, undergraduate degree courses in the UK cost between £9,250 and £29,000 per year, depending on the university and the course. For diploma courses, the cost of study in the UK after the 12th can be between £9,000 and £18,000.

What is clearing for UK universities?

The clearing is a process UK universities use to fill the remaining places on undergraduate courses for the academic year. It is an excellent opportunity for students who have yet to apply for a university place or have applied but have yet to receive any offers.

What is the 12th standard called in the UK?

12th standard is the final year of high school. After passing the 12th standard, students of the UK receive the Higher Secondary Certificate. It’s a two-year study in different fields, including Science, Arts, and Commerce.

Which diploma has the highest salary?

Salary depends on many factors, including your experience, which field you are working in, etc. However, the general understanding is that a diploma in business-related courses pays the highest salary.

Is an Indian diploma valid in the UK?

No, Indian diplomas are not typically accepted in the United Kingdom. However, according to the latest agreement between the two countries, undergrad and postgrad courses will be recognized by both countries.

How many different diplomas are there after the 12th?

Many different types of diplomas are available after 12th grade, including high school diplomas, vocational diplomas, and college degrees.

Is a diploma after the 12th equivalent to graduation?

No, a diploma is typically a lower level of qualification than a bachelor’s degree, which is usually the minimum requirement for graduation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, diploma courses in UK after 12th unwrap many opportunities for you. These courses will provide you with more practical approaches to learning and allow you to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career.

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