Study In UK For Indian Students After 12th in 2024

Study In UK For Indian Students After 12th

Study In UK For Indian Students After 12th in 2024

The United Kingdom is probably the most desired destination for Indian students for higher studies, mainly because the country has a handful of university and course options. Besides, a number of well-reputed universities and a robust Indian diaspora make it a perfect country for them to go for higher studies.

Having said that, many students who want to go to the UK for undergrad do not have a clear idea about the processes. If you are an Indian student who just completed 12th grade, this write-up will be a great source of information. So, let’s discuss the options to study in UK for Indian Students after 12th.

Why Study In UK?

You might wonder why you should choose the UK as your higher study destination. The reason is simple: it has some of the world’s most reputed and top universities, offering world-class education, which is accepted in most countries. This reason itself is enough to attract a large number of Indian students each year.

However, several other reasons are there why you should choose the UK.                        

  • The United Kingdom has a very advanced higher education system with a curriculum accepted worldwide. So, with a UK university degree, you can live in any part of the globe.
  • The UK has a top-notch education system, and you will get many top-ranking universities here offering world-class education in many disciplines and study areas.
  • UK universities are also known for their research opportunities. They provide students with adequate resources and opportunities to research various fields. So, if you have a research interest, the UK will be an excellent destination for you. Plus, they offer various scholarship schemes.
  • The employability rate in the UK is very high. So you’ll have the opportunity to join the relevant workforce after completing your study. This way, you can apply for British citizenship eventually and become fully integrated with British society.
  • As an international student in the UK, you can do part-time jobs up to a specific number of hours per week besides studying. It will help you earn money to support your living and gain valuable work experience.
  • The UK has a very robust and diverse culture. People are very welcoming, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet and know people from different parts of the world and their cultures.
Best Universities In The UK For Indian Students

Best Universities In The UK For Indian Students

You will find over 160 universities in the UK, some of which top the global university rankings. However, you must consider several factors while choosing a university in the UK, including global ranking, tuition fees, etc.

The following table shows the top universities in the UK with their tuition fees for international students:

University NameQS World Ranking 2023UK University League Table 2023Undergrad Tuition Fees
University of Cambridge0202GBP 21,260 to 39,500
University of Oxford0401GBP 24,750 to 34,678
Imperial College London0605GBP 32,000 to 47,000
University College London0809GBP 24,200 to 38,300
The University of Edinburgh1512GBP 23,100 to 32,100
The University of Manchester2817GBP 20,000 to 25,000
King’s College London3722GBP 23,160 to 37,680
The London School of Economics and Political Science5603GBP 25,272
University of Bristol6115GBP 21,100 to 25,900
The University of Warwick6410GBP 21,000 to 28,410

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Best Courses In UK For Indian Students

UK universities offer many courses for undergraduate students in various areas and disciplines. Let’s check out the best courses to study in UK with popular programs.

CoursesPopular Programs
Data ScienceBSc in Data Science and & Business Analytics
Computer ScienceBSc in Computer Science
MBBSBSc in Medicine
EngineeringBSc in Civil Engineering
BusinessBSc in Business & Management
Finance & AccountingBSc in Finance
Architecture  Construction ManagementBSc in Construction Management
NursingBSc in Clinical Nursing Practice
Fashion DesignBSc in Fashion Management
Scholarships For Indian Students In UK After 12th

UK Scholarships for Indian Students After 12th

The UK government, universities, and other organizations offer various scholarships and bursaries for international students, which Indian students can take advantage of. Here are some most popular scholarships for Indian students to study in UK after 12th:

  • GREAT Scholarships: This scholarship is awarded to students from 18 countries, including India. It provides students from various disciplines with GBP 10,000 as a tuition fee waiver. You need to fulfill specific English language requirements to apply for the scholarship.
  • UK India TOEFL Scholarship: This scholarship is available to Indian bachelor’s and master’s students studying any subject in the UK. Eligible students are awarded 3,200 GBP per year.
  • The Mary Trevelyan Hardship Fund: This fund is awarded to international undergrad students from various universities and disciplines. It provides students with up to 1,000 GBP per year to eligible students.
  • The Global Study Awards: Study Portals, British Council, and ISIC partner to award eligible students GBP 10,000. It’s open to all international students, including India.
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: This scholarship scheme is designed for students of underprivileged backgrounds to allow them to study at UK universities. It is awarded to students who have excellent academic track records and need assistance in providing tuition fees and other costs.

Besides these scholarships, almost every university in the UK offers various university-specific scholarships for international undergrad students. So, as an Indian student, you can apply for a suitable scholarship available at your university.

Requirements To Study In UK For Indian Students After 12th

Academic Requirements

The academic requirement in the UK varies from one university to another as universities have their own set of requirements that a student must fulfill to get admission.

Here are some standard academic requirements for Indian students to study in the UK:

  • A student must have completed 10+2 years of education in India from a reputed and recognized academic institution.
  • Students must have a certain percentile of marks or grades to be eligible to apply for a UK university.

English Language Requirements

You must prove your English language proficiency to get admission to a UK university. Although different universities have different English proficiency requirements, the following are the common requirements asked by most universities:

  • IELTS: Average Minimum Score is 6.5
  • TOEFL: Average Minimum Score is 70 – 100

UK Study Visa Requirements 

After being accepted by a UK university, you must apply for a UK embassy student visa. While applying for a UK student visa, you will need the following documents:

  • A valid passport.
  • ID proof to show that you are at least 18 years old
  • Offer letter from your university
  • CAS letter
  • A statement of purposes
  • English language proficiency test certificate
  • Recommendation letter
  • Financial statements
  • Any other documents asked by the visa officer.
Cost Of Studying In The UK For Indian Students

Cost Of Studying In The UK For Indian Students

The cost associated with studying in UK universities comprises two components: living expenses and tuition fees. Here’s a table showing the average tuition fees in 2023 for international students in the United Kingdom:

Undergraduate22,100 per year2,278,331 per year
Postgraduate17,109 per year1,763,799 per year

Now, let’s look at the average monthly living expenses in the UK for Indian students. The following table shows the average monthly expenses of a student in London: 

Shopping & Dine Out15015,464
Mobile Bills181,856

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exams are required to study in UK after the 12th?                                           

Indian students may have to take some exams to study in the UK to prove their eligibility. For example, students must take part in English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL and achieve certain scores. Students may have to take part in professional exams to study some specific courses like medicine.

Can I study free in UK after 12th?

Generally, no university in the UK offers free education to international students. So, you won’t be able to study in the UK after the 12th. However, if you can secure a scholarship, you will get a partial or full tuition fee waiver.

How much does it cost to study in UK from India?

Tuition fees for undergrad international students in UK universities are around GBP 22,100 annually on average. Monthly expenses depend on the lifestyle of a student. However, it varies between GBP 1,000 to 1,300.

How much percentage is required in 12th for UK?

It generally varies based on which study area you want to pursue in the UK. You must have 70 to 80 percentile marks in your 12th grade for commerce and science. But for the Humanities, a minimum of 65% is good enough.

Is UK cheap for Indian students?

No, the UK is not cheap for Indian students for higher studies. In fact, no developed country is cheaper in that sense. However, the UK government and universities offer various scholarships for Indian students.

Final Thoughts

Studying in the UK after completing 12th grade can offer Indian students numerous benefits, including access to top-tier universities, diverse academic programs, and rich cultural experiences. However, the successful pursuit of this opportunity requires careful planning, financial considerations, and meeting necessary requirements to maximize the educational experience.

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