Why can you only apply to 5 universities in the UK

Why can you only apply to 5 universities in the UK

Why can you only apply to 5 universities in the UK

The UK is undoubtedly one of the top priorities for students regarding their study abroad preferences. This is because the UK gives excellent opportunities in terms of research and is one of the best countries if you’re looking to have a great career ahead. In addition, there are several excellent universities in the UK, which makes it an extremely prospective place for students to go ahead and choose the UK as their top priority.

Why can you only apply to 5 universities in the UK? To cut through the competition and maintain a healthy balance of students joining all universities, it is vital to limit choices to only 5. While undergraduates only can apply to 5 universities, postgraduate students have the opportunity to go over five universities to maximize their chances.

Reasons why UK universities or the UCAS offer only five universities

Universities do not like getting overwhelmed by student applications. Some students are incredibly optimistic and go overboard and try to apply to a maximum number of universities. Universities in the UK also do not like being spoiled for choice between excellent students.

The UK is flexible so that prospective students can reapply to universities after a year. This is why students should know what to go for and select a course that they are most comfortable with and should not be applying for every course that they can find under the sun.

Most people apply to all Russell Group Universities, which creates unnecessary and unhealthy competition between students and universities. The UK is a country that likes to maintain good quality education across all universities. The UK is where the universities want to offer most prospective students and believe in merit.

Applying to UK Universities

Applying to UK Universities

While it is possible to go through the entire process alone by yourself by setting up a UCAS account and shortlisting universities that best fit your profile and career ambitions, it is always advised to have an education consultant who can help you out with the entire process. Applying to UK universities is generally a very tedious process as there are several stages, and an ample amount of documentation may be required for the same. Therefore, you can usually save a lot of time if you go for an educational consultant.

What is an ideal time to apply to universities?

When Should You Apply to a University in the UK? The UK universities offer a very long timeframe to apply. Therefore, you should always go for the application process in the earlier rounds to maximize your chances of getting an offer or being accepted at the university.

The admission portals are usually opened a year in advance so that people can gauge enough time. This is especially important for Indian or international students to get enough headroom when applying to UK universities and get their finance and visa process done earlier to smooth their study abroad journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About UK University Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you apply to more than five universities at UCAS?

UCAS allows applicants to apply to more than one university only if a candidate gets rejected from all five universities that they have applied to. This is not to discourage students, and students can also decline all the offers they have received.

Can you only apply to 5 Universities?

To make the full of the five choices one has, students can choose to apply for five courses at five different universities or the same course at five universities simultaneously.

Can you apply to more than five universities in the UK?

You can choose a maximum of 5 courses on your UCAS application. This means you have five singular choices irrespective of the universities or the courses. You can go for any different combinations that best suit your preferences.

There is no magic number or stringency when applying to UK universities, as the UK allows applicants to choose any combination and go for what the student best fits. This is one of the reasons people can change their stream of study.

Are five applications enough for students?

If you have a good profile evaluation done and select the right universities and suitable courses, there is always a significant scope to get offers. But unfortunately, there is no magic number, and it’s best to use all your choices.

What if all universities reject you?

There is always a chance of receiving rejections, but applying to the right universities always increases your chances. If in case you have rejections from all universities, although there are negligible chances of that happening,

Do you need A levels to apply to a university?

To apply to a university, you do not need to have A levels to qualify for all the examinations and make your application. You can also make your application at this stage when you are about to give your final examination and initiate the application process earlier to increase your chances of getting accepted at the university.

Can you reapply to a university?

If a university rejects you, it is prudent not to apply to the same university as there is a risk of getting rejected again. Still, you can apply to another course that may be relevant or similar to the course you initially wanted to apply to.

How many university offers can you accept?

You can accept any two offers, one healthy choice, and one insurance choice. You can only have insurance if your healthy choice is a conditional offer. Still, if you receive an unconditional offer from any university, you have to decide and go for the course from which you’ve got an unconditional offer.

Can you use the same personal statement for different universities?

Many colleges will ask you the same prompts when asking for a personal statement. Some universities also have similar requirements for a statement of purpose. To do that, you can write a generalized statement of purpose that can be altered and modified from course to course or university to university to make it fine-tuned towards that particular university or technique that you are applying for.

Can you apply without UCAS?

While postgraduate students have the opportunity to apply without UCAS, it is not generally the case with undergraduate students, as most universities that you will apply to will not allow you to apply directly but through the UCAS.

How many colleges should you shortlist?

Your choice of UK colleges can range anywhere between 8 to 10, but you should always have 5 top colleges you wish to apply to. This should be a healthy mix of safe, dream, and target schools so that you have realistic ambitions and increase your chances at the same time.

Is it too much to apply to 12 colleges or more?

It is always advised to keep your choices up to 8 schools at a Max, but five options are ideal as a general rule of thumb. Of course, you may stray a little outside this number but make sure that you do not go overboard so that you have to face drastic consequences for the same.


While you may be confused about how to apply to the UK universities and choose the colleges that might be best for you, it is always prudent to have an education consultant or an agent that can help you with the entire process and shortlist universities that perfectly match with your profile.

Most consultants are usually free of cost and can give you the best advice that you can get. Moreover, it reduces the time and effort to get into their dream university.

Education consultants or agents like Boost Education Service also take the hassle of making applications on behalf of the student and help you through the entire process, including the visa and accommodation stages. You will also be glad that some of these educational agents are partnered with new top-notch universities in the UK and can get you offers earlier.

If you have any questions or need any help applying to UK universities, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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