Top 10 Most Popular Degrees in the UK 2024

Most Popular Degrees in the UK

Top 10 Most Popular Degrees in the UK 2024

The UK has some of the best universities worldwide where you can enroll for your higher education. There is a state of the art universities equipped with modern facilities. You might be spoilt for choosing which course to take in these higher learning institutions. Below, we have outlined the ten most popular degrees in the UK that are highly marketable and help you advance your career.

1. Economics

Economics graduates are some of the most sought-after in today’s job market. Different enterprises need economists to maintain financial stability and stay on the right track financially. Enrolling in such a degree means numerous job offers to wait for you after graduation.

Economists are some of the highest-paid people when it comes to salaries because they serve a specific company. According to the UK government’s findings, medicine and economics graduates earn 30% more than graduates from other fields. The estimated salary of an economics graduate in the UK is around £40,000 per year.

2. Medicine

It is one of the most popular degrees in the UK, famous for one of the best health systems and state-of-the-art medicine schools. The good thing about UK universities offering medicine courses is that they provide innovative studies combining theory and practice.

If you enroll in any UK university for a medicine course, you will get the opportunity to spend most of your time working in an actual hospital environment. This means you will attend to the typical patient’s needs.

Taking a medicine course in the UK also grants young doctors a complete set of personal expertise needed in this field of study. Your chances of getting employed in the UK health sector are much higher because of the excellent education and great links with the National Health Service.

You can specialize in dentistry, one medical discipline in high demand and most rewarding. The estimated salary of a medical practitioner in the UK is above £45,000 per year.

3. Engineering

Engineering is a highly-valued field in most parts of the globe. It is a field that is mostly about constructing, designing, and manufacturing. You will enjoy a wide range of benefits when you study engineering. Studying engineering in the UK increases your chances of getting employed. You will also be among some of the highest-paid professionals in the country.

There are different fields of engineering you can specialize in and seek employment after graduating. They include:

The most employable fields in the UK among those listed above include Biomedical Engineering, Software Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. There is some competition in the job market, so you have to gain some experience after graduation to earn more. The average salary of a graduate engineer in the UK is about £33,000 per year. This is likely to change depending on your area of specialization.

4. Architecture

The construction and design industry also requires highly competent and qualified professionals. Most investors in today’s market are looking for environmentally friendly objects above the most appropriate standards. They should also utilize maximum space and have a unique display.

Professional architects are the people required to attend to these needs. Enrolling for a degree in architecture boosts your chances of employment in the UK job market. Architecture graduates in the UK also enjoy good pay. Findings have shown that they earn about £35,000 per year, for five years after graduation.

5. Law

Law degrees offered in the UK are highly reputable and recognized beyond national borders. Your chances of getting employed and working in different parts of the world are much easier when you graduate with a law degree from any university in the UK. You can do a wide range of jobs as a law graduate in the UK. Examples include:

  • Solicitor
  • Advocate
  • Barrister
  • Legislative analyst
  • Patent attorney

The good thing about being a law student is that you can do other jobs that do not correlate with law. You can serve in various government posts or act as an advisor. Law degrees are some of the most highly rewarding in the UK. The average salary of a law graduate is around £40,000 per year.

6. Computer Science

In a world where technology is fast-evolving, specializing in any IT course puts you in a great position in the job market. Today, most of the activities we carry out involve using a computer or other forms of technology. This has seen a rise in the number of computer science experts.

Companies require them to maintain their systems and secure them from different virtual attacks. Enrolling in a computer science degree in the United Kingdom grants you various job opportunities in multiple industries.

There is a high demand for these professionals in the job market, and a shortage is likely to be experienced shortly. This means that computer science graduates will be more marketable in the job sector. You will also enjoy higher earnings from this profession. Different findings show that computer science graduates make around £30,000 a year.

7. Fashion and Interior Designing

Fashion and Interior design are consistently ranked among the top 10 most popular and respected degrees in the UK for 2023/2024. These creative disciplines cater to individuals with a flair for aesthetics and design. Graduates in these fields can anticipate a competitive salary range, with starting salaries ranging from £20,000 to £25,000 per annum.

As professionals gain experience and establish their reputation, earnings can substantially increase, with seasoned designers earning over £40,000 annually. These degrees open doors to diverse career opportunities, including fashion design, interior decoration, and home staging, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a rewarding and artistic career path in the UK.

8. Education

The UK’s education industry is considered the most important, with the government heavily committed to improving the quality of education and infrastructure in various learning institutions. Enrolling for an education degree in the UK puts you in a great position to get employed.

Once you complete your studies, you will have the much-needed knowledge to train other learners. There are so many options to try out as a teacher. The average salary of an individual with an education degree is £27,000 per year.

9. Nursing

Nursing, as part of the esteemed medical degrees in the UK, offers a pathway to a rewarding career with competitive salaries and diverse job opportunities. Esteemed for its comprehensive education and variety of courses, UK universities prepare students for roles like surgeons, psychiatrists, and pathologists. Nursing, specifically, is highlighted among the most popular medical degrees, reflecting its significant role in healthcare and the high demand for skilled nurses.

This degree equips graduates with practical skills and theoretical knowledge essential for the evolving medical sector, making it a top choice for those seeking impactful and stable careers in medicine. Graduates can pursue careers as adult nurses, nurse paramedics, or occupational health nurses, with starting salaries between £18,000 to £24,000, potentially rising to £75,900 with experience

10. Business and Management Studies

In 2023/2024, Business and Management Studies remains a top choice among the most popular uni degrees in the UK, not just for their educational value but also for their promising salary prospects. Graduates can expect a starting salary range of approximately £22,000 to £30,000, which can significantly increase with experience and advanced roles. This degree equips students with skills highly valued in the marketplace, leading to lucrative career paths. Its versatility and alignment with industry needs make it one of the best university degrees in the UK, offering a strong foundation for a financially rewarding career.

Hopefully, we’ve given you an accurate idea of the most popular degree in the UK, which will help you build a better career.

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