How to Study MBBS in USA? 2024

How to Study MBBS in USA

How to Study MBBS in USA? 2024

Studying MBBS in the USA is an exciting and rewarding experience. The USA is among the best places to pursue an MBBS due to its world-class universities, excellent research opportunities, and high-quality medical education. There are several steps to take to study MBBS in the USA.

This write-up will provide an overview of how to study MBBS in USA, from researching and selecting a program to the necessary funding and visa requirements. With the correct preparation and dedication, you can make your dream of studying MBBS in the USA a reality.

Why Study MBBS In USA?

Studying MBBS in the USA offers many advantages for international students. The US has some of the world’s most prestigious universities and medical schools and is continually recognized as a top country for medical education.

Here are some major reasons why you should pursue an MBBS in the United States:

High-Quality Education

The United States is renowned for its high quality of medical education, and medical schools in the US are known for providing their students with the best possible education.

The US Healthcare System

The healthcare system in the US is advanced and comprehensive worldwide, and studying MBBS in the USA will give you insight into the US healthcare system and its delivery of medical care.

Clinical Experience

Clinical experience is an essential component of medical education. The US has some of the best medical facilities and hospitals, allowing MBBS students to gain hands-on experience in their areas of interest.

Innovative Learning

US medical schools are well-equipped with the latest technological innovations and teaching methods to help students understand medicine comprehensively.

Variety of Specializations

The US offers MBBS students various specializations, allowing them to choose a field of study that best fits their interests and goals.

Career Opportunities

After completing MBBS in the USA, you will be eligible to work in the US, giving you many career opportunities.

Financial Aid

Many medical schools in the US offer scholarships and financial aid opportunities, making it easier for students to pursue their MBBS degree.

Networking Opportunities

Studying MBBS in the USA will give you access to a wide range of people and professionals from different medical fields, providing you with the perfect opportunity to network and build relationships with people who could benefit your career.

Eligibility to Study MBBS in USA

Eligibility Criteria for Study MBBS in USA

The first step towards studying MBBS in the USA is to meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria for studying MBBS in the USA are as follows:

  • Academic Qualifications: Students must have completed their high school education with at least 70% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In addition, students must have a valid high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Language Proficiency: Students must be proficient in the English language. Most universities require students to pass the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with a minimum score of 90 or 6.5, respectively.
  • Entrance Exams: Students must also clear the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) with a minimum score of 500. The MCAT is a standardized test that assesses a student’s ability in critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific concepts.

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How To Study MBBS In USA For International Students

Now you need to know how to study MBBS in the USA after 12th and the entire process of studying MBBS in the USA for an international student. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to do MBBS in USA and practice in the USA:

Choose Your Medical School

Firstly, ensure that you select a medical school that has the approval of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). International medical graduates are certified by this organization to practice medicine in the United States.

Obtain a Student Visa

In order to study medicine in the United States, you must obtain an F-1 student visa. You must submit your application to the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate to do this.

Meet the Admission Requirements

Every medical school asks for different admission requirements, so make sure to meet all the requirements for the school you are applying to. This may include completing the MCAT and submitting transcripts and letters of recommendation.

Complete the Required Coursework

Once accepted to a medical school, you must complete the required coursework to graduate and become a licensed physician. The curriculum typically includes anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and pathology courses.

Take the United States Medical Licensing Examination

In order to practice medicine in the United States, you must pass the USMLE or United States Medical Licensing Examination. This is a three-part exam that tests your knowledge of the medical sciences and your clinical skills.

Obtain a Residency

Once you have passed the USMLE, you must obtain a residency program to begin practicing medicine in the United States. Residency programs typically last three to seven years and are designed to give you hands-on experience in the medical field.

What Are The Requirements To Study MBBS In USA

What Are The Requirements To Study MBBS In USA?

You will have to fulfill various requirements to become eligible to study MBBS in the USA. Let’s see what they are:

Entry Requirements

Being an international student, you will have to meet the following requirements to study MBBS in the USA:

  • You need a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining valid.
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a field related to the medical field.
  • Minimum of two years of college-level coursework in the sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics, and math courses.
  • A minimum score of 500 on the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)
  • Be able to provide official transcripts from all colleges and universities you attended.
  • Proof of financial support.
  • Submit letters of recommendation from at least two professors.
  • A valid US student visa.                                                    

English Proficiency Test

You must prove your English language proficiency to study MBBS in the USA. TOEFL is the only way you can do that. You must obtain a minimum score of 550 on the TOEFL exam or an 80 on the Internet-based TOEFL (iBT) exam.  

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Cost Of Studying MBBS In the USA?

You need to know how much cost to study MBBS in USA before applying. So, let’s explore the best universities to study MBBS in the USA and their cost.

Best Universities for MBBS in America with Tuition Fees

The following table lists the top 10 best US universities to study MBBS with their tuition fees.

UniversityDurationAnnual Tuition Fees
Harvard University5 Years67,610 USD
Stanford University4 Years84,996 USD
Johns Hopkins University4 Years59,700 USD
University of California, Los Angeles7 Years (MD & Ph.D.)41,299 USD
Yale University5  Years49,440 USD
University of Pennsylvania4 Years63,434 USD
Columbia University5 Years62,570 USD
Duke University4 Years65,526 USD
University of California, San Diego5 Years41,574 USD
Cornell University6 Years64,500 USD

Living Expenses

Now, let’s take a look at the annual living expenses or costs in the United States for international students:

Expense ItemsAverage Annual Expense
Accommodation20,000 to 23,000 USD
Meals8,500 USD
Transportation2,200 USD
Health Insurance6,700 USD
Personal Expenses9,100 USD
Total47,000 to 50,000 USD
USA Scholarship for International Students

Scholarships for International Students in USA

You will have many opportunities for MBBS in USA with scholarships as an international student. Here are some of the scholarship options that you can apply for:

Scholarship NameAwarded ByEligibilityAmount
Harvard Medical School ScholarshipsHarvard UniversityFinancial Need-Based ScholarshipFull Budget Coverage
Stanford University Financial AidStanford UniversityFinancial Need-Based ScholarshipBased on Need
Vagelos ScholarshipDr. P. Roy and Diana VagelosFinancial Need-Based ScholarshipFull Budget Coverage
ASAHP Scholarship of ExcellenceAssociation of Schools Advancing Health ProfessionsExcellent Academic Record$1,000
AMTIE ScholarshipAmerican Medical Technologists2 LORs$500+

Part-time Jobs and Internships

International students can also work part-time or intern during their studies to support their finances. However, students must comply with visa regulations and work restrictions.

Student Visa and Immigration Requirements

International students must obtain a student visa to study in the USA. Here are some key steps in the student visa application process:

  • Student Visa Application Process: Students must apply for an F-1 visa at the US embassy or consulate in their home country. Students must provide their passport, I-20 form, visa application fee, and other supporting documents.
  • Immigration Requirements: International students must comply with immigration requirements, such as maintaining full-time enrollment, reporting any changes in their academic status or address, and renewing their visa before it expires.
  • Maintaining Legal Status: International students must maintain their legal status by complying with the rules and regulations of their visa. Students must not engage in unauthorized employment or activities that violate their visa status.

Life as an MBBS Student in the USA

Life as an MBBS student in the USA can be exciting and challenging. Here are some key considerations for international students:

  • Campus Life: Most universities in the USA offer a vibrant campus life with various student organizations, clubs, and events. International students can also participate in cultural events to learn more about American culture and make new friends.
  • Housing Options: International students can choose from various housing options, such as on-campus dormitories, off-campus apartments, or homestays. Students must consider location, safety, and cost before choosing their housing.
  • Healthcare and Insurance: International students must have health insurance that meets the university’s requirements. Students can purchase health insurance through the university or a private provider. In addition, universities typically have health centers that provide medical services to students.

Career Prospects and Opportunities after MBBS in the USA

After completing their MBBS degree, international students can pursue various career paths in the USA. Here are some key considerations for international students:

  • Residency Programs: International students must complete a residency program to obtain a medical license to practice medicine in the USA. Residency programs typically last three to seven years, depending on the specialty.
  • Licensing and Certification: International students must obtain a medical license and certification from the relevant state board to practice medicine in the USA. The licensing and certification requirements may vary by state.
  • Employment Opportunities: International students can pursue various employment opportunities in the USA, such as working in hospitals, clinics, research institutions, or private practices. The employment prospects may vary by specialty and location.

Challenges and Tips for Studying MBBS in the USA

Studying MBBS in the USA can be challenging for international students, especially those unfamiliar with the American education system and culture. Here are some tips to overcome the challenges:

  • Coping with Cultural Differences: International students must be open-minded and willing to learn about American culture and values. Students can also seek support from their peers, mentors, or the university’s international student office.
  • Balancing Academics and Social Life: MBBS programs in the USA can be demanding and require much time and effort. International students must develop effective time management skills and prioritize their academic responsibilities while engaging in social activities.
  • Tips for Success: International students can enhance their success by attending classes regularly, participating in study groups, seeking help from professors or tutors, and staying motivated and focused on their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do an MBBS in the USA without NEET?

No, you cannot do MBBS in the USA without NEET. It is a regulated entrance exam required by all students who wish to pursue a medical degree in India. It is also mandatory for those seeking admission to MBBS courses in the USA.

How many years does it take to study MBBS in the USA?

The MBBS duration in the USA typically takes four years to complete. But some universities have 5 years and 6 years of options. Again, some take 7 years to complete with an MD and a Ph.D.

Is SAT required for MBBS?

No, the SAT is not required for MBBS in the USA. However, some US universities may require you to take the SAT or other similar exams to be considered for those universities.

Can I do an MBBS in the USA without an MCAT?

So, is the MCAT necessary for MBBS? You must sit for the MCAT exam to study for MBBS in the United States. You should know that the MCAT is a regulated test with MCQ questions; all aspirants must sit for it.

Wrapping Things Up

Studying MBBS in the USA can be a life-changing experience for international students passionate about medicine and healthcare. However, studying MBBS in the USA can be challenging and requires careful planning and preparation. Now that you know how to study MBBS in USA, you can make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to make your MBBS degree a reality. Following the guidelines outlined in this article, international students can navigate the admission process, finance their studies, obtain a student visa, adapt to campus life, and pursue their career goals in the USA.

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