Best Student Accommodation In Leeds 2024

Best Student Accommodation In Leeds 2024

A safe and comfortable living environment is absolutely necessary for students studying in a new city, probably in a new country. That’s why student accommodation is essential to a student’s life, providing them a place to live, study, and socialize with fellow students.

With a vibrant student culture and numerous universities, Leeds is one of the UK’s leading student cities, with abundant housing options available to suit all budgets and needs. From traditional student halls and residences to shared flats and private apartments, let’s check out the best student accommodation in Leeds.

Types of Student Accommodation in Leeds

Types of Student Accommodation in Leeds

From on-campus student halls and shared student housing to luxurious apartments, Leeds has a variety of student accommodation options to suit everyone’s budget and lifestyle.

Let’s check out the most popular types of student accommodation options in the exciting and vibrant city of Leeds.

University-Owned Halls

University-owned halls are the most popular student accommodation for local and international students. Likewise, students living and studying in Leeds prefer this student accommodation option because of its affordable pricing. These are often the most convenient options because of their proximity to the university campuses.


  • Provide a safe environment for students.
  • Usually located inside the university campus.
  • Have easy access to amenities such as laundry and kitchen facilities.
  • Reasonably priced and well-maintained, with access to many community facilities.


  • Lack of control over who your neighbor will be.
  • Lack of privacy.
  • Very rigid rent payment policy.

Private Halls

Private halls are a great option for students wanting more freedom and luxury compared to university-owned halls, but they are also more expensive. On the other hand, you will have access to more modern facilities and amenities with greater privacy, such as swimming pools, gyms, social areas, etc.


  • Offers more freedom.
  • You can choose your hall and neighbors.
  • It will allow you to choose a hall based on the available facilities and amenities.
  • Flexible rent payment option.


  • High cost of rent.
  • Lack of security.
  • Lack of support services.

Shared Flats

Many students in Leeds go for shared flats because of their good balance between cost and convenience. It is an excellent option for students who want to live in a more independent environment while still having easy access to the university campus and all the modern facilities.


  • It provides the ability to choose your flatmates.
  • Offers more privacy.
  • You’ll have your own kitchen and living space shared among a few numbers of people.
  • Comes with basic amenities and more space compared to student halls. 


  • The potential risk of unreliable flatmates.
  • May have to share a bathroom and other common spaces.
  • Have to maintain the flat on your own.

Private Rented Accommodation

Private rented accommodation is a good option if you want more freedom and flexibility in an independent environment but don’t want to pay for expensive residence halls. In addition, you will have more control over everything from your neighbors to available amenities.


  • Have more freedom to furnish the property.
  • Have the convenience of choosing who you live with.
  • Generally, they come at lower rental costs.
  • Ability to choose how long you stay.


  • You will have to deal with your landlord on your own and risk of potentially unreliable landlord.
  • Have to maintain the property all by yourself.
  • May have a lack of security.
Factors to Consider When Choosing Student Accommodation in Leeds

Factors to Consider When Choosing Student Accommodation in Leeds

When it comes to choosing suitable student accommodation in Leeds, there are several factors you must consider. You must carefully weigh all the factors while finding the best accommodation to suit your needs.

Here are the factors you should focus on while choosing student accommodation in Leeds:


Location is a vital factor to consider when selecting student accommodations Leeds. You must ensure that the accommodation is located in a convenient area close to your university campus, public transport, and other facilities.

It will make sure that you can easily access your classes, shops, and other amenities. Moreover, you should also carefully consider the safety of the area and should try to avoid areas with high crime rates.


Price is another vital factor you must pay attention to while choosing accommodation in Leeds. You should compare different accommodation options focusing on their prices and available facilities, and choose one that fits your budget and needs. Also, keep in mind the additional costs like utility bills and other fees.


Your student accommodation should offer a range of facilities that can enhance your living experience. This includes basic facilities such as laundry, kitchen, Wi-Fi, and more advanced features like a gym, study rooms, and recreational activities.

You must also consider whether the accommodation has common spaces, such as a common room or courtyard. These common spaces will help you meet new people and make friends.


It is crucial to consider security when selecting student accommodation in Leeds. You have to ensure that your accommodation is secure and located in a safe and secure area with lower crime rates.

You should also check if adequate measures are in place to protect you from intruders, including CCTV cameras, secure doors, 24/7 security guards, etc. Also, ensure that your room is fitted with lockable doors to keep your personal belongings safe and secure.

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Best Student Accommodation in Leeds Reviewed

4 Best Student Accommodation in Leeds Reviewed

Finding suitable student accommodation in Leeds can be challenging, not if you get on board with Casita. Casita is a student accommodation service provider affiliated with Boost Education Service.

Through Casita, we offer a wide range of student housing options in and around Leeds, with a portfolio including luxury and best student accommodation Leeds, shared flats, traditional student halls, etc. The Casita team is dedicated to finding the best student accommodation for our students, and they can enjoy the highest standard of customer service.

Casita proudly offers a range of accommodation services, from helping to find the perfect accommodation to managing the tenancy agreement. It aims to make the process of finding student accommodation as stress-free and easy as possible.

It’s time to have a look at some of the best student accommodation in Leeds in terms of location, price, facilities, and security. The best part is that you will find these properties on Casita.

Brotherton House

Brotherton House, operated by Study Inn, is located in the Grace Steet and is only 7 minutes walking distance from central Leeds. You will get two types of rooms here: Studios and En-suites.

En-suite rooms have double beds, wardrobes, workspaces, large flat-screen TVs, private bathrooms, as well as shared lounge areas and fully equipped kitchens. Studios have all the facilities of an En-suite room, plus it offers a little bit more privacy with a private self-contained fully equipped kitchen.


  • Has a super-fast Wi-Fi connection.
  • In-house housekeeping team.
  • 24/7 security with CCTV camera coverage.
  • Does not require any guarantor.
  • Has more than 6 rent installment plans.

Oxley Residence

Oxley Residence is located on Weetwood Lane and is 30 minutes away by public transport to central Leeds. Although it’s a little bit away from central Leeds, students love this student accommodation near Leeds University because of its low rent, available room types, and facilities.

It offers single rooms with 3/5/9/10/13 bed clusters, equipped with a big comfy bed, a workstation, and a wardrobe. You will have to share the kitchen, bathroom, and dining area with other students. The property also offers classic and premium En-suite rooms with private bathrooms.


  • Offers all the facilities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Excellent public and private transport links.
  • 3 to 11 rent installments are available.
  • Accepts international guarantors.

Burley Road

Burley Road student accommodation is managed by Campus Living Villages and is located at 5 Burley Road, which is only 17 minutes walking distance from Central Leeds. You will get two types of rooms in this student house: En-suite and Studios.

En-suites are available in 4 styles: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Disabled Access, while the studios are available in 2 styles: Classic and Disabled Studio. All these rooms are equipped with the necessary facilities needed for a student.


  • All the important landmarks in Leeds are only a few minutes’ walking distance away.
  • Offers 2 to 4 rent installments for international students.
  • Accepts both UK and international guarantors.

iQ Leeds

iQ Leeds is a popular student accommodation located on Cross Chancellor Street in Leeds, only a 16-minute from Central Leeds on public transport. With modern facilities and amenities, this student housing complex offers two types of rooms: en-suites and studios.

You will have 4 types of en-suite rooms: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Platinum, as well as 6 types of studios: Gold, Gold Plus, Silver, Silver Plus, Bronze, and Bronze Plus. All these rooms have been recently renovated.


  • Free dual occupancy is available in all studio rooms.
  • Long-term booking and 4 rent installments are available for international students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best areas for students to live in Leeds?

Headingley and Hyde Park are student hotspots. They offer a vibrant culture, affordable rent, and are near campuses. A real win-win!

What is the best University of Leeds accommodation?

Devonshire Hall is top-tier. It combines historic charm with modern amenities, plus it’s near campus. A unique student living experience!

What is the best student accommodation for Leeds Beckett University?

Check out Carnegie Village. It’s super close to the Headingley campus, offers en-suite rooms, and has a strong community vibe.

How much does student accommodation cost in Leeds?

Budget between £100-£250 per week. The range varies based on location and amenities. Worth every penny for the student experience!

What is the poshest part of Leeds?

Alwoodley takes the cake for opulence. With grand homes, high-end shops, and scenic landscapes, it’s the city’s luxury postcode.

What is the safest part of Leeds?

Roundhay is often cited as the safest. Its low crime rate and family-friendly parks make it a top choice for peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Leeds is a vibrant and happening city in the United Kingdom with many universities and colleges. That’s why the city is always buzzing with local and international students, making it a student-friendly city with many accommodation options. But, with Casita, be sure you will get the best student accommodation in Leeds.

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