Study Quantity Surveying In UK 2023

Study Quantity Surveying In UK

Study Quantity Surveying In UK 2023

Are you pondering the pivotal question, “What is Quantity Surveying?” or considering pursuing a rewarding career in this field? You are not alone! A plethora of aspiring professionals are looking towards the esteemed educational institutions in the UK to lay a robust foundation for their careers. Let’s explore the unique advantages you stand to gain when you decide to study Quantity Surveying in UK.

What Is Quantity Surveying?

Quantity Surveyors are also called construction cost consultants or cost estimators. They advise and manage financial and contractual aspects of construction, prepare bills, apply cost engineering to realize value, manage budgets, and meet deadlines.

In the Quantity Surveying study, you will learn how to quantify essential domestic building construction work, industry measurement guidelines, and principles. It will also teach you to evaluate and prepare bills for domestic building constructions.

Apart from that, after studying Quantity Surveying, you will understand how the tendering process works and how to apply technology & ICT in quantified surveying jobs. A BSc degree in quantity surveying will allow you to work and advance in the ever-growing construction industry.

Historical Perspective of Quantity Surveying in the UK

Once a hidden gem in the array of professions, Quantity Surveying has risen to prominence, boasting a rich history in the UK. The profession emerged from the vibrant and ever-evolving construction industry, becoming a cornerstone in managing project costs and contracts efficiently. UK institutions have been at the forefront, shaping modern practices and standards in this field, thus holding a rich historical tapestry that interweaves the past and the present seamlessly, providing a profound learning perspective.

What Are The Best Place To Study Quantity Surveying

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What Are The Best Places To Study Quantity Surveying in UK?

Choosing the right university is a pivotal step in shaping a successful career. The UK houses numerous universities that are considered the pinnacle of Quantity Surveying education. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have collated data on the top 10 universities renowned for their Quantity Surveying programs:

Top 10 Universities for Quantity Surveying in the UK

University NameCourse NameCourse DurationUniversity League RankingJob Placement After Graduation
Loughborough UniversityBSc in Commercial Management & Quantity SurveyingFull Time: 3 Years With Placement: 4 Years7th90%
Heriot-Watt UniversityBSc in Quantity SurveyingFull Time: 3 Years With Placement: 4 Years23rd95%
University of ReadingBSc in Quantity Surveying3 Years Full Time36th91%
Ulster UniversityQuantity Surveying and Commercial Management.Part-Time Undergrad Course44th90%
Oxford Brookes UniversityQuantity Surveying and Commercial Management4 years with 1 Year of Work Placement51st100%
Coventry UniversityQuantity Surveying and Commercial ManagementFull Time: 3 Years With Placement: 4 Years52nd95%
Nottingham Trent UniversityQuantity Surveying and Commercial Management3 Years Full Time45th85%
Aston University, BirminghamBSc in Quantity SurveyingFull Time: 3 Years With Placement: 4 Years47thN/A
Northumbria University, NewcastleBSc in Quantity SurveyingFull Time: 3 Years With Placement: 4 Years49TH90%
University of HuddersfieldBSc in Quantity SurveyingFull Time: 3 Years With Placement: 4 Years53rd70%

Course Content and Structure

Embarking on this educational journey, you will delve into core modules that form the crux of Quantity Surveying. Aspiring individuals might query the “difference between Quantity Surveying and Construction Management”. In essence, while both focus on construction, Quantity Surveying zeroes in on the cost management and contractual aspects, a crucial cog that ensures the smooth running of projects.

During your tenure, you’ll explore various specializations and electives, allowing for a tailored experience that caters to your interests and career aspirations. Whether you opt for an undergraduate or a postgraduate program, a comprehensive curriculum awaits to mold you into a skilled professional ready to tackle real-world challenges.

Benefits of Studying Quantity Surveying in the UK

So, “is Quantity Surveying a good career?” Absolutely, and studying in the UK propels you further, offering several unbeatable benefits:

  1. Academic Excellence – UK institutions maintain high academic standards, with an accreditation system that ensures quality education.
  2. Practical Exposure – Besides theoretical knowledge, students get a taste of real-world scenarios, honing skills through internships and placements in reputed firms.
  3. Global Network – Studying in the UK offers a platform to build a global network, connecting with peers and industry professionals worldwide.

What Are The Requirements To Study Quantity Surveying?

Many students do not know the quantity surveyor degree entry requirements. You need specific qualifications to pursue this degree. To become a quantity surveyor, you must study at a University accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Quantity Surveyor university requirements are 112 UCAS points from A-Levels to study Quantity Surveying and GCSE English and Math at C/4 grade or above.

Being an international student, you must contact your preferred university and ask what requirements they want. Different universities have different requirements. Organizations like Boost Education Service will help you get the necessary information and the whole process.

Boost Education Service has been assisting local and international students in getting into UK universities. They work with many universities and help students with the admission process.

It’s a British Council-certified agency with highly professional and experienced counselors, admission advisors, and marketing experts. So, they can help you get into a university for a BSc in Quantity Surveying degree.

What Is the Job Prospect For Quantity Surveying?

Quantity surveyors are respected key elements in construction and civil engineering projects. They are vital in completing a construction project within the assigned budget and deadline. It’s the most prestigious surveying job in the UK.

According to RICS Construction & Infrastructure for Q2 in 2021, there is a 45% shortage of quality and competent quantity surveyors in the UK. It shows a huge demand in this job sector that’s looking for graduates with competence and better qualifications.

People are pursuing Quantity Surveying degrees in response to the high demand. So, if you are interested in the Civil Engineering sector or construction sector, it can be a lucrative career opportunity.

Apart from the UK, Quantity Surveying is also on the Australian Visa Bureau’s Medium & Long Term Strategic Skill List, Singapore’s Strategic Skill-In-Demand List, and South Africa’s One of the 100 top occupations. So, there is a worldwide demand and job prospects for Quantity Surveyors.  

Studying in the UK: Financial Aspects

Before you set forth, understanding the financial aspects is crucial. You might need to prepare for the tuition fees which, although varying between universities, offer a return on investment considering the career prospects post-graduation. Moreover, students can explore “scholarships for Quantity Surveying students in the UK”, which can ease the financial strain considerably.

Additionally, budgeting for living costs, including accommodation and transportation, ensures a comfortable stay during your educational sojourn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is quantity surveying a promising career in the UK?

Yes. Quantity Surveying has a lot of prospects in the UK job market. There is a 45% shortage of competent quantity surveyors in the UK. So, the job opportunity in this profession is very high.

Where can I study to be a quantity surveyor?

Many students ask- which university is best for quantity surveying. The UK is a perfect place to study Quantity Surveying. Many universities offer this degree. You can select a preferred university and get admission.  

What type of degree is quantity surveying?

Quantity Surveying is a BSc degree that teaches you about contract management, project management, the billing process, forecasting, and budgeting of infrastructure construction. It’s generally a 3-year full-time course and 4 years with job placement for 1 year.

What is a quantity surveyor’s salary UK?

The salary of a fresh quantity surveyor graduate or trainee in the UK is around 21,000 to 28,000 GBP. A newly chartered surveyor earns around 25,000 to 35,000 GBP. With experience, you can earn around 55,000 GBP per year.

How do you become a quantity surveyor UK?

You need an RICS-accredited qualification to become a quantity surveyor in the UK. You will have to get a BSc in Quantity Surveying from an RICS-accredited university. Then you have to complete your APC and become a chartered surveyor.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, to study Quantity Surveying in the UK is to embrace a future filled with opportunities and growth. The UK beckons with its rich heritage in Quantity Surveying education, promising not just a degree, but a learning experience that shapes you into a professional ready to leave a mark in the industry. So, gear up and step into a brighter future, where your aspirations meet the unparalleled education standards of the UK, paving the way for a successful career in Quantity Surveying. Boost Education Service is always with you to assist you in every step.

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