Student Houses In Nottingham 2024

Student Houses In Nottingham

Student Houses In Nottingham 2024

Do you know living in Nottingham is 35% cheaper than in London? Nottingham boasts a total of four universities. This cosmopolitan city has a vibrant environment and an ideal amount of wide-open space. This makes it a perfect student destination.

Are you looking for student houses in Nottingham? When it comes to finding suitable accommodation for students in Nottingham, they usually prefer a location near their university or any favorable place with better amenities. Let’s learn more about it!

Types of Student Housing in Nottingham

When it comes to choosing houses in Nottingham for students, four types of accommodations are available.

Halls of Residence

Do you want to be more involved on campus and meet various types of people? If so, halls of residence are an excellent choice. The best part is that they are typically located on or near the university campus. You will have easy access to classes, libraries, and other university facilities.

This student accommodation Nottingham option provides better value for money due to a low-priced all-inclusive rent. On-site staff are always there to assist with any issues or concerns,

You will always be in a supportive and inclusive learning environment due to a greater number of students. Students will be more connected to their university communities by participating in various social events and activities.

Shared Houses/Flats

Living in a shared house or flat with other students is a cost-effective option. Saving money on rent and bills will be easygoing.

You will learn about other cultures and expand your horizons as they might be from diverse backgrounds and different values. Students won’t feel bored and alone. They can deal with various challenging problems together.

Private Student Accommodation

Do you prefer more private student accommodation in Nottingham along with better security? If so, it is good to own a Nottingham private student accommodation.

Many of them are located near university campuses and other vital locations, such as restaurants, cinema halls, nightclubs, pubs, shopping malls, super shops, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. This will help you minimize your commute time.

You will have an en-suite bathroom and a spacious room to keep your personal items. They come with a handful of benefits, such as Wi-Fi access, on-site gyms, social spaces, etc. Students will get a feel of modern facilities and enviable luxuries.

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)

Are you a serious student who wants a unique study atmosphere? Most private rentals are less likely to provide a distinctive learning environment. The best solution is a purpose-built student accommodation.

You can customize it based on your needs and preferences. It offers a private bedroom with communal areas. Most purpose-built student accommodations are located in prime locations, near university campuses, amenities, etc.

Best Places for Student Houses in Nottingham

Best Places for Students in Nottingham

When it comes to student housing in Nottingham, choosing an appropriate location is crucial. You want to choose an affordable, comfortable, and safe location with lots of amenities.

Here are the three best places to live if you want a student house in Nottingham.


Are you looking for a student residence near University of Nottingham? If so, Lenton is a perfect place to live in. Many students prefer this location for safety reasons as it has low levels of crime and a visible police presence.

This suburban area is well-known as the best student area due to its excellent transport links with great bus routes and hopper buses. It also has many green spaces for recreational purposes. You can spend your leisure with nature to boost your happiness and improve your well-being.

Lenton boasts a lot of cafes and independent shops. Creating a vibrant student community in this huge student village is easygoing as this location has as high as 70% of students. You can get student houses in Lenton Nottingham easily for this purpose.


Do you prefer an affordable, safe, and welcoming atmosphere and private student residence near University of Nottingham? If you are studying at the University of Nottingham or Nottingham Trent University, Beeston is a perfect location to live in.

You will have good access to good transport links available via buses and trams. This suburban area has a handful of tram stops. You can easily travel around in a car. Do you love to cycle? Several dedicated cycle paths connect Beeston to the university campuses, too.

In addition, Beeston has a lot of halls of residence with comfortable living spaces and high-standard living spaces. You can choose cheap student accommodation in Nottingham that is close to shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and bars.

The Arboretum

Are you learning about climate change? The arboretum is a perfect location to get hands-on learning experiences and research opportunities. It is well-known for having rare trees and shrubs (woody plants) in various botanical gardens.

Plus, you will love to see the two-story Victorian house due to its tall stature and grandeur appearance. If you are studying at Nottingham Trent University, it will take only a 35-minute walk from Mansfield train station.

If you are studying at Nottingham Trent University’s City campus, attending classes, the library, events, etc., will be convenient. You will just need a Just a short walk or bike ride away. It can also be a great place to enjoy a strong sense of community, with several events and festivals.

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Benefits Of Choosing Casita For Student Housing

Benefits Of Choosing Casita For Student Housing

When it comes to choosing houses to rent in Nottingham for students, a lot of student accommodation service providers are available.

But not all of them are reliable, affordable, comfortable, and secure. Here is why you can trust Casita.

Extensive Selection

Casita offers students a wide range of configurations on various properties in Nottingham based on location, size, and other factors.

Not all students have the same budgets and preferences. We offer various housing options, such as flats or houses, self-contained studio apartments, purpose-built student accommodation, short-term rentals, co-living spaces, etc.

You can choose various types of rooms at different prices to match your financial constraints and lifestyle.

Trusted Provider

When it comes to quality and reliability, Casita says a big “NO” to any compromise. We prioritize giving quality accommodations at the best price without compromising housing standards.

Casita is a trusted accommodation provider that ensures all legal requirements are met, including safety standards, tenancy agreements, and deposit protection schemes. Students can live peacefully during their stay.

You can go through the reviews from our past and current students, which highlight the satisfaction and positive experiences they got from Casita. They are clear proof of how committed we are to providing excellent housing options and services.

Excellent Facilities

Don’t you love to get fully furnished accommodations with modern amenities? Casita aims to create a comfortable living experience for its clients by providing furniture, appliances, digital fitness centers, smart parcel lockers, Wi-Fi or 5G connectivity, modern laundry facilities, etc.

We give extra priority to safety features such as secure locks, good lighting, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc. You can also choose furnishings and appliances, such as a refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, etc.

Casita also gives on-site support and maintenance services to fix any concerns or issues that students may have during their stay. You can enjoy a well-maintained living environment.

How To Find Student Houses In Nottingham

How To Find Student Houses In Nottingham

Looking for student apartments in Nottingham? It won’t be easy to do that if you are new to the city physically.

Online search platforms and university accommodation offices are the two most easy-to-go options for new Nottingham students to find a place to live in.

Online Search Platforms

Hundreds of websites are available on online platforms that provide student accommodation services in Nottingham. These accommodation providers let you customize your search options depending on the location, budget, room type, and many other factors.

Casita develops a user-friendly website to offer enhanced user experience and increased engagement. It has a more advanced search filter option to help you find suitable student apartments in Nottingham.

You can select various amenities such as laundry facilities, gyms, study areas, common rooms, outdoor spaces, etc. The filtering system also lets you choose lease duration, such as short-term rentals or longer-term leases.

University Accommodation Offices

New students, especially foreigners, need guidance and assistance to find student homes in Nottingham. Fortunately, all the Nottingham universities have separate accommodation offices to provide guidance and advice in finding reasonable accommodation.

Their office staff can help you learn about rental contracts and other housing-related queries. They can help you find dormitories, apartments, and other on-campus housing options.

Casita often partners with Nottingham universities to offer various accommodation services to students. Through these partnerships, Casita can provide students with additional choices, exclusive deals, and a seamless process for securing student housing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical rental period for student houses in Nottingham?

Student house rentals in Nottingham typically follow the academic year, with leases typically running from September to the following August, coinciding with the university calendar.

How can I ensure the safety and quality of a student house in Nottingham?

To ensure safety and quality, research the property thoroughly, inspect it in person if possible, and consider factors like location, security, and the condition of the house. You can also check for accredited landlords or housing associations that specialize in student accommodation.

What are the costs associated with renting a student house in Nottingham?

Costs can vary widely depending on the location, size, and condition of the property. In addition to rent, you should budget for utilities, internet, and potentially a deposit. Be sure to ask the landlord

Is it common to share a student house in Nottingham with other students?

Yes, it’s very common for students to share a house or apartment with other students to reduce costs. Shared student accommodation often includes individual bedrooms with shared communal spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

How do I secure a student house in Nottingham?

To secure a student house, you’ll typically need to sign a rental agreement or contract and pay a deposit. Landlords or agencies may also require references or guarantors, so be prepared to provide the necessary documentation.

What should I do if I have issues with my student house in Nottingham, such as maintenance problems or disputes with roommates?

Contact your landlord or property management company as soon as possible for maintenance issues. For roommate disputes, try to communicate openly and, if necessary, involve a mediator or university housing services.

Can international students rent student houses in Nottingham?

Yes, international students can rent houses in Nottingham. However, they should ensure they have the necessary visa and legal requirements to do so. It’s also essential to understand the terms of the rental agreement and any visa-related obligations.


When it comes to choosing student houses in Nottingham, you can choose from shared flats and houses to self-contained studios and purpose-built ones. Students who want to create a lively and social atmosphere will surely love this place.

Make sure to participate in various community-related activities and social events in Casita to meet new people and build friendships. This will also help you find new housing accommodations. Enjoy yourself, learn new things, and go for personal exploration in your student life in Nottingham.

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