Refer friends and Family program

Would you like to earn extra cash while assisting your friends and family pursue their educational goals? Look no further than BHE Uni’s Refer a Friends and family program! When you refer a friend or family member to enrol in a degree or master course with us, you can earn a referral commission fee of up to £500 per successful enrolment.  

Please fill in the form below to join our referrals program.

Terms and Conditions:

Step 01.

Email your friend’s Name, Phone Number and Email Address, to, BEFORE your prospective student friend inquires or applies for a course with BHE Uni. You can use our mobile app, email and refer your friends and family contact details.

Step 02.

Our dedicated team will promptly contact your friend and assist them in applying for their desired course.

Step 03.

You become eligible for the referral fee once your friend has:

  • Successfully enrolled in their chosen program, and
  • Paid the first installment of their course fee (whether through student finance or self-funding).

Step 04.

Prospective Students must:

  • Have not previously inquired about or applied for a course through BHE Uni.
  • Not be using a sub-agent to assist with their application.

Step 05.

Additional Program Details:

  • To qualify as a referrer, you must have either made an inquiry or submitted an application to us in the past, or currently be enrolled in a course with BHE Uni.
  • The Refer a Friend and family program cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • This scheme is not open to employees, agents, marketing officers, or freelancers of BHE Uni.
  • Prospective students must enrol in a program with BHE Uni within 12 months of the initial referral.
  • The referral fee must be claimed within a maximum of 6 months from the enrolment date.

Step 06.

Payment and referral commission structure:
Number of students (Per intake) Referral commission (Per successful student)
1 2+
£300 (one Instalment)  £500 (Payable in 2 instalments) 

Boost Education Service reserves the right to withhold the referral payment if any of the above clauses have not been met. Additionally, Boost Education Service reserves the right to change the scheme format, amend these terms and conditions, or withdraw the scheme at any time. Please stay updated by checking the Boost Education Service website for any notices of changes.