The question may arise that who is the best for IELTS coaching? Okay, you'll find your answer below

First, tell me, would you really want to learn something? What is your present level of English based on being able to speak, write and listen? You’re willing to participate in the IELTS exam, so I can believe; you’re not at the primary level. Right?

Okay, the question now is what IELTS coaching centers teach? Well, there will be no coaching center teaching you English. They’re just getting ready you to face the IELTS exam. They train you how to face the exam board, nothing much more!

In this sector, Boost education is the most experienced. Therefore, don’t think otherwise. We will assist you with an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam properly and skills required getting a good score in the IELTS test.

IELTS Training

BASICMost PopularBDT10,000

Day: Friday & Saturday
Time: 3 am – 6 pm
Price: 13,000
Discount Price: 10,000
Duration: 3 month
Classes: 30

IELTS + BASICMost PopularBDT13,800

Day: Friday & Saturday
Time: 3 am – 6 pm
10 am – 12.30 pm
Price: 23,000
Discount Price: 13,800
Duration: 5 month
Classes: 52


Day: Monday – Thursday
Time: 7 pm – 9.30 pm
Price: 17,000
Discount Price: 15,000
Duration: 2 month
Classes: 31

Discount Price: 3000
Duration: 2 Months
Class: 12

Discount Price: 3000
Duration: 2 Months
Class: 12

Discount Price: 3000
Duration: 2 Months
Class: 12

Discount Price: 3000
Duration: 2 Months
Class: 12

Registraion For IELTS

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Boost Education Service Offered

Boost education service, a reliable IELTS coaching in Badda Dhaka run by highly qualified experts from the UK. At Boost education, we provide individually focused IELTS coaching in Dhaka with personalized feedback. Besides, our batches are also very small to provide one to one feedback

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Understand the test format

Two modules of IELTS:

  • IELTS Academic – IELTS Academic is for you if you choose to study at the undergraduate or postgraduate level or enter a professional organization in an English speaking country.
  • IELTS General Training – If you would like to migrate or train/study below degree level, choose this module. For both the IELTS tests, speaking and listening, sections remain similar but reading and writing sections are different.

Practice with IELTS sample questions

Use the books given at the time of test registration for IELTS training

  • Well analyze every question, take notes, highlight keywords and prepare your answers accordingly.
  • Follow this simple exercise to perform well during your practice sessions.
  • Ask your mentors for suggestions and improve the areas that you are lacking.
  • Take sample mock tests to time yourself.

Upgrade your English language skills

It takes time to improve on a language, so you must start working on your skills ahead in time:

  • Read, write and speak as much as possible in English. Consider it a part of your everyday life.
  • Create an English speaking group of friends and practice.
  • Read English newspapers and listen to English news or radio in English.
  • Start listening to a variety of English accents- British, Australian, American, British, New Zealand and Canadian.
  • Watch English videos with subtitles.
  • To improve your reading speed, read extensively.
  • Start paying attention to your vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.

On the day of your IELTS exam

  • Make sure you’re carrying your ID proof. Carry a similar identification document as used at the time of the test application.
  • When the supervisor is giving instructions, Be alert, Ask again if you have any problems.
  • Try to attempt all questions as there’s no negative marking.
  • Never try to cheat or copy any other student’s.

Keep calm before the test day

  • Refresh all test rules and IELTS format to ensure that nothing has been skipped. Before the test have proper meals and sleep well to keep fresh and healthy during the test. Always, leave early on the way to your test center to avoid any jams.