Why attend the UK University Educational Fair ?

Why attend the UK University Educational Fair ?

Educational fairs are an excellent opportunity for prospective students to meet the university representatives, discuss issues about degree programs, pick up prospectuses and provides valuable information prior to the student making an application.

The UK is known for its diverse national and cultural background that attracts the students from around the globe for good quality education. As the UK has hundreds of top-notch educational institutions that are accredited and credited for their prestige, and reputation.

Therefore, our upcoming educational fair in London would be representing over 50+ universities where we thrive to prosper on a bigger and better platform in order to give potential students an opportunity to explore their career prospects and lead their way to success.

As a prospective student looking to meet the officials of the universities, this would be a perfect opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with world-leading UK institutes. All that you need to do is bring along your academic documents, passport (if applicable) as well as UKVI IELTS result to get a free on-spot academic assessment with the delegates.


However, the following are the value-added features of attending a fair would be as follows:

1. Meet universities face to face

The chance to meet and interact with the universities face to face is a key benefit of university events that speak about the appeal of getting immediate personalized responses to questions, finding out more about the programs and funding opportunities on offer, and getting an idea of the application process – all reasons to attend in person, rather than just stick to online research.

2. On-the-spot admissions and offers

If you have the grades to impress the universities in attendance, do not forget your supporting documents! On-the-spot offers will be available to students who stand out and are focused towards their set goals.

3. Scholarships and funding

We, as a partnered institute of the universities, help you achieve and be aware of the different types of financial aid, which are available to apply. However, the question that always pops up in the mind is especially for overseas students who worry about how they will finance for their studies.

Moreover, a wide range of scholarships is also given on a merit basis or need-basis. Once you visit the UK Education Fair, you will be able to get valuable funding advice.


4. Be prepared for September 2019 entry

The UK University Fair will be a great chance for you, the potential students, to learn more about undergraduate and postgraduate study in the UK. Moreover, our team of consultants will be on hand throughout the day to discuss what you are interested in, and who you should be talking to. The event will be a great stepping stone for your future.


Are you interested in attending the UK University Fair on July 24? If so, Register free or just pop into our venue.


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