Birmingham City University Overview


Established in 1828

Birmingham City University Overview

The Birmingham City University is the London Based institute who offers graduation, post-graduation, postgraduate research, short courses, part-time courses, one-day courses and much more. The fields in which they offer courses are social sciences, Commerce, Arts, Media, Computing, Business, Health, Law English and many others. The Chancellor of the University is Lenny Henry.

Why student should choose that particular university

Birmingham City University encourage students from across the world to get admission in this excellent university. This university works with many well-known businesses including Microsoft. Many graduates from this university have management positions now in different organizations around the world.

Different Scholarships available

  • There are different scholarships available for the talented and need-based or international students.
  • International Scholarship
  • Vice-chancellors international scholarship
  • Scholarship through partnership

Apart from the above scholarships there are other scholarships that are awarded by the government of UK based on their own criteria. These are below

  • British Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships Plan

The University also offers the undergraduate entry-level scholarships in which the students get £2,000 scholarships based on their academic performance and qualification.

  • Undergraduate entry scholarship

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