Top 100 Universities in the UK 2024

Top 100 Universities in the UK

Top 100 Universities in the UK 2024

University rankings help students, academics, and institutions make informed decisions about higher education. Considering multiple ranking sources is crucial to understanding an institution’s standing comprehensively. The QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings are two well-known sources. Today, we will discover the top 100 Universities in the UK and their key highlights.

Top 100 Universities in the UK

The following table presents the top 100 universities in the UK according to the QS World University Rankings 2024 and THE University Rankings in the UK 2024:

University NameTHE University Ranking in the UK 2024QS World University Ranking 2024Key Highlights
University of Oxford1 3Renowned for academic excellence, producing 30 UK prime ministers.
University of Cambridge22Renowned for its strong academics across a wide range of disciplines, in particular mathematics, natural sciences, law and medicine.
Imperial College London36Particularly well-known for its programs in engineering, medicine, natural sciences, and business.
UCL49The school equips its graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to make meaningful contributions to society.
University of Edinburgh522Renowned for world class teaching and research across different subjects
King’s College London640It is known for having rigorous academic programmes as well as a tradition of intellectual enquiry dating back centuries.
London School of Economics and Political Science745This University attracts students and scholars from around the world who are passionate about addressing modern societal challenges
University of Manchester832Renowned for excellent education and vibrant campus life.
University of Bristol955Strong in engineering, medicine, social sciences and humanities.
University of Glasgow10=76Renowned for its programs in medicine, veterinary medicine, law and engineering.
University of Southampton11=81A leading UK research university being part of Russell Group institution.
University of Birmingham1284Strong in various fields such as engineering; medicine; social sciences; humanities etc
University of Sheffield13104They place a strong emphasis on preparing students for successful careers.
University of Warwick1467There is one prestigious plate glass university with a focus on research and theoretical underpinnings.
University of Leeds1575Taking into consideration quality this institution offers the best teaching-learning experiences.
University of Nottingham16=100A globally recognized research-intensive university also known to be highly ranked internationally.
Queen Mary University of London17=145Known for its diverse and inclusive academic environment.
University of York18167Offers multidisciplinary program called environmental studies that combines biology/chemistry/social science into one program/course.
Lancaster University19122In particular it has become famous because of environmental sciences/management/law majors.
University of Liverpool=20=176Medicine/dentistry/veterinary science/law/engineering programs are considered to be very strong here.
Newcastle University=20110Renown comes from influencing work done in areas of science/engineering/medicine that affect people’s lives directly or indirectly via national/regional/global publications/journals etc.
Durham University2278Offers a rich and supportive student experience
University of Exeter23153There are renowned institutions characterized by impactful research output across different academic regions/sub-disciplines/majors/study areas.
Cardiff University24=154Offers high quality teaching and learning experiences.
University of St Andrews25=95Renowned for its high rankings in national or global league tables.
University of Aberdeen=26208The institution is well-known for publishing research of highest standard across different disciplines.
University of Leicester=26=272Offers a supportive and inclusive student experience.
Queen’s University Belfast=26202High-quality student experience with a strong focus on student satisfaction.
University of Reading=26=169An all-rounded comprehensive support system is in place to cater for all-round students’ personal growth to develop them fully.
University of Sussex=26218One can acknowledge that there are renowned institutions characterized by impactful research output across different academic regions/sub-disciplines/majors/study areas.
University of Bath=31148Known for high-quality teaching and learning experiences.
University of East Anglia=31=295Renowned for its innovative and impactful research in various fields that deal with human endeavors.
Loughborough University=31212In fact, it has also become famous due to its remarkable academic outputs/output publications/results/findings etc.
University of Surrey=31244Moreover, it is known as a pioneer of higher education innovation with flexible learning opportunities provided all over the world.
Swansea University=31=307Recognized for the quality and impact of its research output across various disciplines.
Birkbeck, University of London=31374Known for its innovative approach to higher education and flexible learning opportunities.
University of Dundee=37=441Offers an exciting and inclusive student experience with an emphasis on satisfaction of students’ needs.
University of Essex=37459The university remains committed to comprehensive support services that address development matters concerning students at all levels of education/academics/career stages
Royal Holloway, University of London=37=413Has always focused on health sciences education/research
St George’s, University of London=37N/APromotes innovation and entrepreneurship within the walls of educational institutions.
University of Strathclyde=37=276Research contributions from health care have been known to yield significant impact in many fields/disciplines/subjects around the globe in terms of new knowledge in form of patents/technical reports/ scientific papers etc.
Brunel University London=42343Strong links with industry/professional bodies like this one are required for instance if you want to be admitted into school of business or engineering at a good university somewhere else – they will definitely ask something about your working experience before joining their program/course/major/service etc.
City, University of London=42=328Promotes innovation and entrepreneurship within the walls of educational institutions.
Heriot-Watt University=42235Emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship in teaching and learning.
Aston University=45=446Known for its focus on preparing graduates for successful careers.
Bangor University=45=481Renowned for its programs in marine biology, ocean sciences and Welsh history and culture.
Bournemouth University=45731-740It has a strong focus on providing students with professional training and industry relevant skills.
Goldsmiths, University of London=45=593The university is well-known for its creative arts programs such as fashion and design.
The University of Hull=45=523Strong in the field of marine and biological sciences, it attracts a large number of international students.
The University of Kent=45N/AThe beautiful campus also offers European studies along with business programs.
The University of Plymouth=45=561Expertise exists in Marine Biology/Oceanography/Geography that results to high employability for geographers.
The University of Portsmouth=45=502Creative technologies are taught here plus there are excellent facilities for engineering as well as technology.
Royal Veterinary College=45N/ASpecialist institution, world-renowned for Veterinary medicine and science.
SOAS University of London=45=511Has a focus on Asian, African, and Middle Eastern studies with special language programs.
The University of Stirling=45=431A picturesque Scottish campus specializing in management, environmental science, and education courses.
Aberystwyth University=56611-670Based in Wales with a strong reputation in international politics and Welsh language studies.
Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)=56N/AOffers multiple courses known for its focus on social sciences, education and media.
The University of Bradford=56641-650Areas of expertise include peace studies, engineering and life sciences.
Brighton and Sussex Medical School=56N/AA medical degree programme jointly run by the two universities commands respect.
Edinburgh Napier University=56801-850Vocational degrees are emphasized here with a particular emphasis on business and creative industries.
The University of Greenwich=56671-680Its focus is on science/engineering/technology with strengths also found in education/maritime studies. It has campuses in London and Kent at present.
The University of Huddersfield=56=567It is popularly known for its practicals/vocations which are closely linked to industry while having famous textile/fashion programmes.
Keele University=56781-790It is a beautiful campus that focuses mainly on healthcare/life sciences. It does this through offering what is called unique single-campus collegiate system.
The University of Lincoln=56851-900The area of specialization here includes archaeology as well as animal science whereby employability skills are highly stressed upon.
Liverpool John Moores University=56751-760Vocational degrees are offered here along professional ones hence it’s recognized for being among the best institutions that teach media/sports science/teacher training.
Manchester Metropolitan University=56=590In addition to business management courses it provides courses like nursing as well as arts design fields as its core niches.
Middlesex University=56661-670This department offers a wide range of programs including business/hospitality/teacher training ones only among others.
Northumbria University=56=548Computer Science/Business programs have made this institution be identified as one of the best places people should study from despite the fact it remains located at Newcastle upon Tyne.
Nottingham Trent University=56=595Creative industries/fashion designs/architecture courses define this university where graduate employability rates are high indeed.
University of the West of England=56741-750Social Sciences/Creative Industries/Engineering are some areas where they operate from; these learning centres can be found around Bristol/Gloucestershire cities too.
Birmingham City University=701001-1200This is an institution whose vocational degrees particularly favoured by strong industry links are popular through business, engineering/computer science programs.
Coventry University=70=571It is a modern university that puts emphasis on the world while offering automotive engineering and design programmes as well as courses in business management.
De Montfort University=70801-850Focuses mainly on employability.
The University of Derby=701001-1200Offers a mix of academic and vocational courses, strong in engineering, business, and teacher training.
Glasgow Caledonian University=701001-1200Focus on vocational degrees with a strong emphasis on employability.
University of Hertfordshire=70851-900Offers a wide range of programs, known for its biosciences, creative writing, and law courses.
London South Bank University=70851-900Located in central London, strong in business, law, and engineering programs. Focus on professional courses with links to the industry.
The Open University=70N/AUK’s largest distance learning university, offering flexible learning opportunities for part-time students.
Oxford Brookes University=70=413Modern university with a strong international reputation, known for its business, law, and hospitality programs.
SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College)=70N/ASpecialist institutions focusing on agriculture, food, and the rural environment.
Ulster University=70=498The largest university in Northern Ireland, with campuses in Belfast, Coleraine, Magee and Derry.
University of the West of Scotland=70N/AFocus on vocational programs with strong links to industry.
The University of Wolverhampton=701001-1200Expertise in engineering and technology, known for its excellent graduate employability rates.
The University of Brighton=83771-780Located on the south coast, strong in creative industries, architecture, and business programs. Offers a vibrant student atmosphere.
The University of Gloucestershire=83N/ACampuses in Cheltenham and Gloucester, known for its courses in animal science, business, and teacher training.
Kingston University=83601-610Strong in fashion, design, and business programs.
Leeds Beckett University=831001-1200Focus on vocational degrees with a strong emphasis on employability.
Robert Gordon University=83901-950Known for its oil and gas-related programs, surveying, and engineering courses.
The University of Roehampton=83N/AStrong in education, psychology, and social sciences programs. Offers a beautiful green campus.
The University of Salford=83851-900Known for its media, engineering and healthcare programs. Offers a large and diverse student population.
Sheffield Hallam University=831001-1200A large university with a wide range of courses, strong in business, computing, and nursing programs. Renowned for its excellent student support services.
University of Westminster=83711-720Strong in business, law, and media programs. Offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere and close links to industry.
University of Bedfordshire=92N/AKnown for its courses in social sciences, sports, and psychology. Offers a focus on employability skills.
Canterbury Christ Church University=921001-1200Strong in teacher training, nursing, and social work programs. Offers a supportive learning environment.
University of Central Lancashire=92901-950Known for its courses in engineering, business, and forensic science. Offers a large and diverse student population.
University of East London=92851-900Strong in social sciences, law, and business programs. Offers a multicultural student body and focuses on social justice.
Edge Hill University=92N/ARenowned for its teacher training programs and focus on education. Offers a friendly and supportive learning environment.
University of South Wales=92N/AA merged institution with campuses in Cardiff, Newport, and Treforest.
Staffordshire University=92N/AKnown for its courses in ceramics, engineering, and business. Offers a focus on employability skills.
Teesside University=92N/AStrong in engineering, business, and creative industries programs. Offers a focus on practical learning and employability.
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about UK Universities

How are university rankings determined?

QS primarily focuses on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, citations per faculty, international faculty ratio, and international student ratio. THE, on the other hand, considers factors such as teaching, research, citations, international outlook, and industry income.

What factors should I consider when choosing a university?

When selecting a university, consider factors like the available courses, the reputation of faculty, campus facilities, location (urban or rural), cost of living, opportunities for internships, extracurricular activities, and overall campus environment.

Do rankings change yearly?

Yes, university rankings typically change yearly due to various factors such as improvements in research output, changes in faculty, advancements in teaching methods, and fluctuations in funding.

How can I apply to these top universities?

Applying to top universities involves several steps, including completing the application form, submitting standardized test scores (such as SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT), writing essays or personal statements, obtaining letters of recommendation, and ensuring all required documents are submitted by the deadlines set by each university.

Are there scholarships available at these universities?

Yes, many top-ranked universities offer scholarships to both domestic and international students.


The list of top 100 universities in the UK provides valuable insights into their academic excellence and worldwide reputation. This can give them a fuller understanding of the strengths and opportunities at each university. Therefore, it will make sure their chosen university aligns with their goals.

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