Study Dentistry In UK 2024

Study Dentistry In UK

Study Dentistry In UK 2024

Dentistry is a field of medicine focusing on diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases and conditions related to the oral cavity, teeth, and gums. Studying dentistry in the United Kingdom will open up great opportunities if you have a passion for this field, offering a range of dental courses and some of the top universities in the world.

If you study dentistry in UK, it will bring several benefits, as you can benefit from the excellent education and clinical facilities available and gain a variety of skills and knowledge in this field. You can also benefit from the opportunity to work with various patients, gaining valuable experience.

Requirements For Studying Dentistry In The UK

Academic Requirements

As an international student interested in studying dentistry in the UK, you must first meet the academic requirements. Different universities in the UK have different requirement criteria.

However, you may need to achieve a certain grade in specific subjects in your high school diploma or higher secondary. Therefore, you should always check the requirements of the university you are applying to ensure you fulfill all the criteria.

English Language Requirements

To study Dentistry in the UK, as an international student, you must prove that you have a good command of English. Most universities and colleges in the UK will require you to take a standard English language test like IELTS or TOEFL. You must achieve a specific score on one of these tests to be accepted into the program.

Work Experience Requirements

Some universities and colleges in the UK may require you to have some prior work experience in the field of dentistry. It can include assisting a dentist, working in a dental office, or volunteering at a dental clinic. In addition, work experience will help you show your commitment to the field.

Standardized Tests

Ensuring you are adequately prepared to study dentistry in the UK is crucial. So, you will have to take standardized tests, such as the Dental Admissions Test or DAT, designed to assess your knowledge and skills.

After completing your dentistry degree there, the National Examining Board (NDEB) exam will allow you to work as a dentist in the United Kingdom.

Where To Study Dentistry In The UK

Where To Study Dentistry In The UK

The United Kingdom has some of the best universities offering dentistry programs. However, each of these universities has its unique advantages and offerings.

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is a top-ranked university in the UK, offering a 5-year BDS program accredited by the General Dental Council. It is one of the best dentistry universities uk. The university offers a range of clinical placements in hospitals and community dental practices.

The school also offers an MSc in Endodontology, a 4-year MClinDent program, as well as various diplomas, certificates, and short courses. You can access the latest dental technologies and excellent research opportunities here.

University of Bristol

With modern facilities and innovative teaching techniques, the University of Bristol is another great option for dental students. This University for Dentistry UK offers a 5-year BSD program, along with an MSc in Oral Health Science, an MClinDent in Oral Surgery, and a DClinDent in Endodontology.

Apart from these programs, you can also take part in various certificates, diplomas, and short courses at this university.

King’s College London

King’s College London is a leading university in the UK, and its dentistry program is well-reputed because of the teaching, research facilities, and resources it offers to its students.

It has a 4-year BChD program, an MSc in Restorative Dentistry, and an MClinDent in Orthodontics. You can also opt for short courses like diplomas and certificate courses at this university.

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is one of the best universities for dentistry UK. This top university for dentistry is a great choice for you to pursue a career in dentistry, offering a 5-year BDS program along with an MSc in Oral Health Science, an MClinDent in Prosthodontics, and a DClinDent in Oral Surgery.

With modern teaching methods, state-of-the-art facilities, and world-class research opportunities, you can develop your skills and knowledge here to become a successful dentist. 

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, with cutting-edge facilities, innovative teaching methods, and clinical placement opportunities to learn from leading dentists, is an excellent university for studying dentistry.

It has a 5-year BDS program, an MSc in Oral Health Science, an MClinDent in Orthodontics, a DClinDent in Prosthodontics, and various short courses.

Application Process For Studying Dentistry In The UK

Application Process For Studying Dentistry In The UK

Application Deadlines

You must be careful about the admission deadlines if you want to study Dentistry in the UK. Most universities have a general application deadline, usually in January or September, to start your studies. 

However, checking the exact deadline for the program you are applying for is crucial. Some universities may have different deadlines for their Dentistry courses and programs.

Application Requirements

Generally, you must have a minimum of three A-levels in relevant science subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, to be eligible to study Dentistry at a UK university. However, the requirements will vary depending on the institution and program.

Moreover, you must have a certain grade in each of the above A-level courses. Go through the requirements asked by the university you are applying to.

Personal Statements

Personal Statements have the ability to demonstrate your academic and professional expertise and showcase your future goals in this field. Therefore, you should put extra care while writing a personal statement to outline your experience and interests in Dentistry and show your commitment.


You may have to appear before an interview panel as a part of your admission process. The panel will ask questions about your experience and interest in Dentistry and assess your suitability for the program. Since it can be a deciding factor, prepare yourself well for the interview.

Financing Your Dentistry Degree in the UK

Financing Your Dentistry Degree in the UK

Tuition Fees

Your Dentistry Degree in the UK can come with some hefty tuition fees. However, you can pay your tuition fees in advance or installments if you have the financial means. If that is not the case, you can apply for student loans and scholarships.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships and financial aid are great ways to help you cover the cost of your degree. These scholarships and financial aid are either merit-based or need-based. Scholarship amounts will vary based on your grade and other circumstances. So, you should research well about them and stay updated.

Part-time Work

Working part-time during your studies can be a way to support your degree and living in the UK. First, look for part-time job opportunities within your university campus, as many universities and colleges offer part-time teaching and research assistantships. If that is unavailable, look for a suitable job outside your campus.

Life as a Dentistry Student in the UK

Accommodation Options

You will have a range of student accommodation options while studying dentistry in the UK. Most UK universities offer on-campus student halls, including single and shared room options. You will also have the option to stay at off-campus private apartments or purpose-built student houses.

Extracurricular Activities

As a dentistry student studying at a UK university, you will have plenty of extracurricular activities to participate in. For example, you can participate in club and society activities, volunteer in community services, or participate in sports events. All these can be a great way to network and gain valuable skills for the future.

Challenges Faced by International Students

As an international student, you might face different challenges while studying in the UK. Language barriers, cultural differences, and the cost of living are the major issues many international students face in the UK. You should research well about these issues and take preventive measures to avoid them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to study dentistry in UK?

To study dentistry in UK for international students, follow these steps: Firstly, you must research universities, meet entry requirements, submit applications, attend interviews if required, receive offers, confirm acceptance, obtain a student visa (if applicable), and prepare for the course.

How many years to study dentistry in UK?

It depends on the course, degree, and your chosen university. However, a dentistry degree in the UK generally takes up to 5 years, including 4 years of undergrad study and 1 year of clinical practice.

How much does it cost to study dentistry in UK?

The cost of studying dentistry in the UK varies based on many factors, including your degree type, duration, institution, etc. However, the typical cost for international students is around GBP 37,000 per year, including tuition fees, living costs, and other expenses.

Where can I study dentistry in UK?

The UK has many reputed and worldwide universities and colleges for studying dentistry. But universities like Manchester, Birmingham, King’s College, Glasgow, and Oxford are topping the list of best places in the United Kingdom to pursue a dentistry degree.

Final Thoughts

If you aspire to study dentistry, the UK offers excellent opportunities. With its prestigious universities and comprehensive programs, studying dentistry in the UK can provide you with a solid foundation for a successful career. By understanding the program requirements and following the application process, you can embark on your journey to Study Dentistry in UK and turn your passion into a fulfilling profession. Prepare to unlock a world of possibilities and contribute to dentistry through quality education and practical experience.

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