Scholarship for Nepalese students in UK 2023

Scholarship for Nepalese students in UK

Scholarship for Nepalese students in UK 2023

Known for its highest quality education, the United Kingdom has many fine institutes that offer various degrees and courses for students worldwide. Not all students can afford the fee of their desired institute, so they search for scholarships offered to that region by the University. Same in other countries, Nepalese students are also offered partial or fully funded scholarships, grants, bursaries, monetary awards, etc.

If you are from Nepal and are looking for a scholarship for Nepalese students in UK, this article will answer all your queries related to scholarships to study in the UK in detail!

So, let’s dive in and get to know!

Scholarship for Nepalese students in the UK

You probably have come to get the answer to your question, i.e., ‘how do you get a scholarship to study in the UK?’

It is evident that if you want to get a scholarship in any area of your interest, you should have a solid academic background. But there is nothing like an exact CGPA or marks to get a scholarship in the UK. Because scholarships do not merely depend on marks and academic record, it also depends on your chosen destination, University, and level of your education.

Scholarship for Nepalese students in the UK is of two types, partial and fully funded scholarships. Partial scholarships are usually for your education. You can get free education at that University, but you must manage your accommodation and other expenses.

Graduate and post Graduate level scholarships for Nepalese students

Usually, university scholarships are partially funded at the graduate level of education. So, if you want to go from Nepal to graduate from the UK, you should consider meeting your expenses yourself because the scholarship won’t cover them.

While for the master’s level, scholarships offered by UK universities are fully funded. They offer more opportunities and scholarships to students who apply after graduation. Also, the scholarships offered may not be only offered by the University alone; the UK government and the University can jointly offer them.

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The postgraduate GREAT scholarship program

GREAT scholarships for Nepalese students in the UK offer various scholarships in different subjects. A minimum of £10,000 is offered as a tuition fee for a year to the selected student. Every scholarship in the GREAT scholarship program is jointly offered by the UK government campaign and the British Council with the UK selective universities.

Universities, including Cranfield University, the University of Northampton, the University of York, and the University of Manchester, offer postgraduate scholarships to the students of Nepal.


Eligibility Requirements to apply for the scholarship from Nepal

  • You can apply for the scholarship program if you are a citizen of Nepal.
  • You should have completed a graduate degree before applying for the scholarship.
  • You should be interested in the area you are applying for the scholarship and be motivated to start your studies in the relevant subjects.
  • Should have passed an English language test required for the UK.
  • You should be self-motivated to learn and engage with the UK as a scholar.
  • Should be willing to attend and promote UK-based GREAT scholarships for Nepalese students.

How can I apply for a full scholarship for Nepalese students in the UK?

  • You can check the universities and go to the ‘find a scholarship’ page and checking the university page for detailed information about the scholarship.
  • You can apply for your desired scholarship based on the guidelines provided on the university page.
  • Keep checking each scholarship’s deadline because it depends on the University that offers it.
  • If your application is approved, you’ll be notified via email.
  • After registration, you’ll be eligible to avail the scholarship offered by that University.

Where can you get help to apply for scholarships in the UK?

You might have read the whole procedure for availing of a full scholarship for Nepalese students in the UK. However, you may still be confused about other formalities that must be fulfilled to complete your application process. Do not worry anymore because we got your back!

Boost education service is always there to help you with your application process from the beginning to the end. They not only help you document your application in the best way according to your area and field but also answer all your queries and confusions you have regarding the scholarship in uk for Nepalese students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a scholarship to study in the UK?

You should check the university list that offers degrees/courses related to your area of interest. And apply for that scholarship from the university page with the help of boost education service, and you’ll get a scholarship for your higher studies.

How to get a free scholarship to study in the UK?

As explained above, fully funded scholarships are usually offered to postgraduate students if you plan to go for a master’s degree from the UK. You will get a full bright scholarship from Nepal.

Which universities are offering postgraduate GREAT scholarships for Nepalese students?

Note: You can check the latest list on the official website, as it may vary yearly.

What’s the average amount that I can get as a scholarship?

It depends on the University and the type of scholarship you avail. But on average, you can get around £10,000 a year as a postgraduate student in the UK.

Is the UK the best for scholarships for Nepalese students?

As the UK universities offer high standard quality education, students from all over the world, including Nepal, dream of joining the UK high-ranked universities. Also, UK universities are famous for offering great scholarships to Nepalese students. So, many students apply yearly and avail of fully and partially funded scholarships from UK universities.

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