Navitas: Transforming Lives Through Education

Navitas, an Australian-based global education provider, offers a comprehensive range of educational services, including university programs, vocational education, language, and professional education. It also provides various support services such as career guidance, student welfare, and accommodation options.

Let’s explore the various services and programs Navitas offers and how they can help students reach their educational goals.

What is Navitas?

Navitas is a global education services provider offering extensive educational services and solutions to students, universities, and businesses worldwide. Navitas offers various degrees, diplomas, certificates, and pathway programs at more than 115 colleges and universities in 25 countries.

It also provides English language and professional development services to international students and professionals. In addition, Navitas works closely with its partner universities and institutions to develop innovative pathways to success for its students, helping them to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals.

Through its network of experienced educators, Navitas offers numerous flexible learning options, including online, blended, and on-campus learning. With its focus on delivering the best possible learning experience, Navitas ensures that its services meet the highest quality standards.

What Does Navitas Do?

Navitas provides a wide range of services to help organizations, educational institutions, and governments to achieve their goals.

Education Services

Navitas offers a range of education services, including pathway programs, university preparation, and credit transfer options. These services are designed to help students succeed in their academic journey while providing them with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

Professional Development

Navitas provides professional development services to help organizations develop the skills of their employees. These services include training, consulting, and research solutions.

Research and Development

Navitas provides research and development services to help organizations and educational institutions develop innovative solutions. These services include research identification, project management, and technology development.

Technology Solutions

Navitas provides technology solutions to help organizations and educational institutions manage their operations. These services include cloud solutions, artificial intelligence solutions, and enterprise solutions.

Global Solutions

Navitas provides global solutions to help organizations and educational institutions achieve success in their global operations. These services include strategic planning, project management, and market research.

Student Services

Navitas provides student services to help students succeed in their academic journey. These services include college counseling, career counseling, and mentoring services.

Corporate Solutions

Navitas provides corporate solutions to help organizations and educational institutions manage their corporate operations. These services include corporate communications, corporate finance, and corporate training.

Navitas Pathway Program

The Navitas Pathway Program is designed to help international students gain entry into universities and colleges in different countries. It provides a structured program for students to gain the skills and qualifications needed for entry into higher education.

The program offers a range of courses tailored to specific academic and language levels, from beginner to advance. These courses are designed to help improve students’ English language proficiency and academic knowledge while preparing them for entry into their chosen field of study.

It also provides support services, such as career guidance, student services, and visa information and advice. The program also works closely with universities and colleges to ensure a smooth transition from Navitas to higher education.

Navitas Group Universities

Navitas Group Universities

The Navitas Education Group operates universities and Navitas higher education institutes in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore.

The Navitas partner universities are the following:

Country Universities
Australia · Charles Darwin University

· Curtin University

· Deakin University

· Macquarie University

· Southern Cross University

· University of Adelaide

· University of South Australia

Canada · Capilano University

· Dalhousie University

· Thompson Rivers University

United Kingdom · Brunel University London

· University of East London

United States · Florida International University

· Michigan State University

· University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

· University of Massachusetts Lowell

Singapore · James Cook University Singapore

· University of Newcastle Singapore

Navitas UK

Navitas has been operating in the UK since 2002 and has established a strong reputation for providing high-quality education, training, and qualifications. With a network of over 80 partner universities, colleges, and schools across the UK, Navitas allows students to study at various locations.

The company also works with employers, government bodies, and other organizations to provide industry-relevant qualifications, training, and support. It also offers a range of courses and qualifications to help people improve their skills and employability.

These courses help students to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to reach their career and educational goals. Navitas also provides online and distance learning and bespoke training solutions for businesses and organizations.

Navitas Education Trust

The Navitas Education Trust is an independent educational trust founded by Navitas Limited in 2006. The trust is focused on providing educational opportunities to students from all over the world, with a particular emphasis on providing access to higher education.

The trust offers scholarships, bursaries, and other educational assistance to students who need financial aid. It also provides support through mentoring, advice, and guidance to students who wish to pursue higher education.

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