Message from Director

Dr. Mohammad Shafiq


BTVM (CPD), Uni of Oxford, DM(S), UoL

“Education is the key to Success”. As Nelson Mandela
concluded, “Education is the key to moving forward in any
society” and “the most powerful weapon which you can use to
change the world”.

To achieve your dream, you must have a
precise goal in your life and Higher Education is the tool that
enhances a student’s personal and professional skills as well as
his knowledge.

Boost Education Service is helping students for
more than a decade to find out the right paths for their higher
education journey.

Our amazing team will ensure that there is
no gap between higher education institutions and prospective
students due to our long-standing relationships and
experience. If you want to ‘unlock your golden door of
freedom’ as George Washington Carver believed, education is
the answer!