Our Team

Our Team


Abul Bashar


Mohammad Islam

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Andreea E Stoica

EU/Home Admission officer

Md Shohag Hossain

Marketing Assistant
Photo Bianca

Bianca Marina Luput

EU/Home Marketing Assistant
Photo Fatema

Fatema Tuz Johora

Admin Officer & Consultant

Syed Islam Shuvo

Executive Director (Dhaka office)
Bhupen Mondal

Bhupen Mondal

Digital Marketing Assistant

Tarek Hasan

International Admission Officer

BES Team

Executive Body:

  • Abul Bashar (Director)
  • Naice Sultana (Director)
  • Syed Islam Shuvo (Executive Director, Dhaka office)
  • Mohammad Islam (Shafiq)

Business Development and Marketing Manager

  • Bianca Marina Luput

Marketing Assistant (London Office)

  • Andreea E Stoica

Admission officer (EU & Home, London Office)

  • Fatema Tuz Johora ( Admin officer and Consultant)

(Khulna Office, Bangladesh)

  • Sohag Hossain ( Marketing & Admission Manager)

(Khulna Office, Bangladesh)

  • Bhupen Mondal

Digital Marketing Assistant (Khulna Office)


Boost Education Service Director Mr. Abul Bashar has huge experienced in higher education industry in the UK. He had experienced to run a Tier 4 college and recruiting International students. He is a professional lawyer with more than 10 years experience. His excellent counselling knowledge and skills are helping us to reach the goals. He is always available to provide legal guidance and complement student service. To e-mail him at bashar@boosteducationservice.co.uk

Boost Education Team

Our team has vast knowledge & experienced at higher education industry since 2006. Most of our team has been graduated from UK University. We are dedicatedly working with Boost Education Service for developing our business around the world. We are providing best service to your partner Universities and students.