About BES

Company Overview

Boost Education Service (BES) is one of the best student service institutions in UK & Bangladesh, to help and support the overseas students for boosting their further education in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia and UK & USA. It was established in 2010, for the betterment of the student spectacular future that they are interested in focusing on their brighter career and on their aspiration of higher study in UK. This well-known organisation is conducted by some of the enthusiastic students of UK to share their experience, to provide their gathered vital knowledge, to help building up the student recent educational status. The institution leads an important role in implementing the student knowledge in real life experience by giving them the opportunity to read where ever they want to study and flourish their internal talent. Moreover we are not here to motivate but to reveal the fact and make the students to be clear about their course, study, University and facilities, opportunities, responsibilities, educational environment, culture and norms, as we are liable to make the students much more practical and make them aware of the external atmosphere of UK.

Studying, working or volunteering abroad offers a huge range of benefits for the students taking part in them, increasing their intercultural awareness, sense of initiative and improving their employability, as businesses value the wide experience of those who have spent time abroad. Also the participating institutions gain in the process, increasing their international links and learning from other institutions.

With thousands of successful placements to quality institutes in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and New Zealand, Boost education service remains dedicated towards being a comprehensive one-stop consultant for all those who wish to study overseas.

Complementing the aptitudes of students we recommend nothing less than the best in their academic pursuit which in turn places them in lucrative jobs at MNCs. Relieving you of uncertainties and confusion regarding the career options, we can serve you by providing the best counselling and guidance to help you make the right decision.


Our mission is to support international students for their educational opportunities at world class University.


To become a global leader of education consultancy as well as retain extraordinary standard student support. Also aims to provide high quality service for our partner institutions.